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Get Free jv16 PowerTools 2010 ( n License To Your Own Name



UpDate: There is a new way to get jv16 PowerTools. Read it here.

Hi Friends,

Just two hours ago, I shared with you a new promo from where you can Get Free jv16 PowerTools 2009. In fact, there are many sites which are offering this old release as shareware promo. These many old version promos made this Hot Cake as OLD CAKE. So, why you should get OLD CAKE when you can get jv16 PowerTools 2010 (NEW CAKE) with the same efforts which you will have to made for Old Cake.

After publishing the article about jv16 PowerTools 2009, I was thinking to get jv16 2010 and what I did is just after jv16 PowerTools Features:

* Cleans and fixes your computer
* Uninstalls software and gets rid of all the left-overs
* Optimizes Windows
* Improves your safety by detecting potentially dangerous files
* Improves your privacy
* Recovers deleted files
* Safe to use – automatic backup feature and numerous additional safety features
* Multilingual user interface
Main Tools
* Clean and fix my computer (New feature!)
* Speed up my computer
* Control which programs start automatically
* Fully remove software and leftovers
* Verify my downloads are safe to run (New feature!)
Other Tools
* Registry Manager
* Registry Finder
* Registry Find and Replace
* Registry Cleaner
* Registry Compactor
* Registry Information
* Registry Monitor
* File Finder
* File Cleaner
* File Recovery
* File Organizer
* File Tool
* Duplicate File Finder
* Directory Finder
* Directory Tool
* Software Uninstaller
* Startup Manager
* Start Menu Tool
* Automation Tool
* Service Manager
* System Optimizer
* History Cleaner
* System Cleaner
* Disk Wiper

Get Free

Have you download jv16 2009 from I have asked you to do it in my previous article but nevermind, if you have not done it yet, do it now and download from the following web address. It is very important .zip package to get jv16 PowerTools 2010.

Now extract this file and keep the license.XBIN file safe.

Download jv16 PowerTools 2010 from the official site. Install it and do not run the prgram. If you run it, close it all front and back ground functions of it.

Now copy the license.XBIN file to C:Programmejv16 PowerTools 2009. Or if you do not wanna copy, run the program and go to Help –> License Tool –> Install a New License.

Now go to the directory where you have save license.XBIN and select it. jv16 PowerTools 2010 will install it. Close the program and restart it and you will have a valid genuine copy of jv16 PowerTools 2010.

Caution: I do not know about the future updates. But before getting any future updates, do not forget to make a backup copy in case if you lost your license with updates.

License to Your Own Name

It might be illegal in some countries, so act as your law says about such tricks. This is a very simple procedure. First save a backup copy of license.XBIN at some safe place. Just Open the license.XBIN file with any simple text editor like Notepad or Notepad++ (preffered). Go to the line where it is written Computer Bild. Just remove these words and write your own name or website address. Do not make any other changes. Save the file.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>Now install the license again as described in Get Free section. Close the program and restart it. You will notice that at main window of jv16 2010 you have yoru own name/site name.


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Thank you for appreciating our work and us, too. And THANX for well wishes. May you always be blessed.

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