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Get Free askSam 7 Standard, Smart PC 4.51, Audials Radio Tracker 6 SE


In todays article,  the most important software is askSam 7 Standard. Well other two software have their own importance in the respective fileds but Smart PC 4.51 is one step old version and Audials Radio Tracker 6 SE is available on many sites as permanent giveaway. If I remember, we, James and me, talked about this offer a long time ago but unfortunately, we both became busy. Meanwhile, we have had more important to share. Now I think, before it’s too late, we should publish it. The Get Free part is not very lengthy though it is a three software Get Free.


As I have had this info since a longtime, since then I did not check Google to find if someone has already published it. If you have publish it before me, my apologies in advance.

askSam is a user friendly database system created for business use as well as personal use at home. This is a free-form database with which you can create any database depending on any type of info, e.g. email messages, word processing documents, text files, spreadsheets, addresses, Web pages, and more.

askSam gives you the power of a database without the complexity. No need to program or learn a complicated query language. With askSam, you simply import or enter information, and you’re ready to search. askSam users range from individuals organizing email, addresses, and research notes to corporations and government organizations managing meeting minutes, regulations, policy manuals, and corporate databases.

More info about askSam 7 Standard can be found here:


Smart PC, like it’s name is a system maintenence utility which helps your PC to maintain its health makes the work smoother by managing registry reducing useless junk from your computer. Yesterday, we shared TuneUp Utilities 2009. If you preffer TuneUp 2009, you may need to read older article here. They say Smart PC 4.51 is:

By a few easy steps you can make your PC run faster, cleaner and error-free with the help of a new system tool – Smart PC. The software fixes stubborn errors, cleans-up space-wasting junk and debris and optimizes Internet and download speeds making your PC more efficient and reliable. Special features of the new software ensure your personal privacy while surfing through the Web and protect your PC from information theft.

RadioTracker 6 SE is an Internet radio. It is not just a radio but a lot more than that. This first benefit is all the songs recording on Internet is legal becuase you will record Internet radio broadcasting and will not be sharing with others. According to my limited knowledge, no country in the world is stopping from Internet recording. And you have hundreds of radio station from all over the world. Just record what you want. The recording quality is same what you recieve on Internet.

80 genres, every artist, millions of songs and every radio station in the world are all just a mouse click away. Radiotracker’s groundbreaking technology automatically downloads your songs in less than a minute, making it the most popular, the most decorated and the absolute best-selling web radio software in online and retail outlets in the process. No subscription, no hidden fees, just music edited perfectly in music shop quality and, due to free and legal real-time recordings of Internet radio stations, there’s no copy protection!

More info is here:


Get Free

As I have told you already, Get Free section is very easy. No long procedures of filling forms, no long wait. You just have to create one account with any info but with real eMail and everything will be into your eMail.

Create your account on SoftCity.


Check your eMail and confirm your membership reqeust. After confirmation, you have two ways to get all these three software. One is very easy and other is bit less easy. OK.

When you will confirm you membership request, you will receive a new eMail containing the download links and license info of askSam 7 Standard, Smart PC 4.51, Audials Radio Tracker 6 SE.

OR you can also get these software into your SoftCity MarketPlace.


Now go to your account.

On left side menu, click on Purchased Software as shown in snap.

In the main/middle column of page, you will see all the three software which are being offered by SoftCity.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>Enjoy it.


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As I am trying hard to become a more organized person, askSam would be in a perfect timing solution for me. Thank you Perti for providing me with another software I was in need for.


Thanks for your share.
I sign in the member, and receive the member request.
But I can’t receive the 2nd email (contain download links) after I confirm my membership request.
I try to use the 2nd way, but I can’t see any software in the “Purchased Software”.

Is anything wrong I do?


Thanks for Perti and coolczone.
I’m finished those softwares.



Hi Perti, in order to benefit from this offer one should register using this link http://web.softcity.com/user/avquklaunchoffer.php, otherwise the offer is not available.
Thank you again for bringing this softwares to our attention

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