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Get Free abylon CRYPTDRIVE 7.3 and UltraEdit 15.20


Here are two more shareware promos for abylon CRYTDRIVE 7.3 and UltraEdit 15.20.

abylon CRYPTDRIVE 7.3

It is not a latest version but it is still worthy to have into your PC.

abylonsoft develops and sells innovative security solutions for private and business usage. Since the introduction of the free encryption software WinCrypt, the name abylonsoft has symbolized reliability and quality.  The software is based upon industrially recognized standards (for example PKCS (RSA) for asymmetrical coding and signing data). Abylonsoft attaches great importance to highest level performance, stability and user-friendliness. This saves lengthy and complex co-worker training courses on the customer side, and offers reliable protection with an affordable price.

This is PC-Welt promo and available only for next 24 hours. After that, you will find a new promo on the same page. Installer of abylon CRYPTDRIVE 7.3  is in three languages including English and can be found on the following page:


Open the following web page and apply for free licenses which you will get into your eMail.


If you change last two digits, you will find the same promo for many other web-sites and magazines for example, if you change 36 to 22, the promo will be same but for some other promo holder.

UltraEdit 15.20

This is also not a very latest release but it is still worthy to have into your PC. BTW, if you are looking for a free alternative of same standard, you can use NotePad++ which is freeware and OpenSource.

UltraEdit is the ideal text, HTML and hex editor, and an advanced PHP, Perl, Java and JavaScript editor for programmers. UltraEdit is also an XML editor including a tree-style XML parser. An industry-award winner, UltraEdit supports disk-based 64-bit file handling (standard) on 32-bit Windows platforms (Windows 2000 and later). Download a free trial today and discover why UltraEdit is the defacto standard with over two million users worldwide.

This is Chip.de promo.

Open the following web page into your browser and fill a short form and submit it.


Open your eMail box and check eMail from Pro.de. Click on the link to confirm your request to license of UltraEdit. You may have to wait for a few hours to receive your 2nd eMail which will have UltraEdit license. BTW, Chip promo page can be found here:



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for Ultraedit,

Delete the file “uedit32.lng” in the installed folder. It will become English version. : )

John Brown

Thanks for the tip about deleting the uedit32.lng file. Not complete English for all the .txt files, help files and some images are still in German. Guess that is the best a person can do with this promo. Wish there was a way to tell if can be English before downloading and installing.

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