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Get Free Abelssoft CleverPrint 2010 Professional (Limited Time Offer)


You are a business person, a student, a researcher or some other professional and you have to print a lot of papers. Latest printers have built in ink-saving-ability. But these printers cost a lot. Suppose you have bit or very old printer which consumes a lot of ink. (Let’s change word ink with toner. Reason you will know soon). The solution is available for a very limited time only: Abelssoft CleverPrint 2010 Professional. It is specially designed for laser printers.

Below is an official short description of Abelssoft CleverPrint 2010 Professional. You can read it later and first directly jump to Get Free section.

CleverPrint may reduce your printing costs by up to 50%: CleverPrint allows you to combine multiple pages on one page, to remove pages before printing or to stop the printing process after checking the output in a preview window. CleverPrint allows you to handle your daily printing sessions in a much more effective way. You can easily print multiple pages into one and or you may save your print jobs as a PNG, JPEG or even PDF file. CleverPrint also allows you to save a lot of time by adding your company’s letterhead to your print jobs. In addition to this, watermarks can be used to classify a document before it is printed. Do you know the situation where you printed a website with 2 paper sheets although the second one only contained one line of unimportant text? CleverPrint allows you to get rid of unnecessary pages before you print them. A comfortable preview shows you how your pages will look like and allows you to take control over the full printing process.

# Allows you to print multiple pages into one (e.g. print 2, 4 or 8 pages on one)
# Allows you to preview the output and to cancel the printing process
# Allows you to add headers and footers (e.g. letterheads with your logo)
# Allows you to add watermarks with fonts or images
# Allows you to remove unnecessary pages from large print jobs
# Allows you to export jobs into PDF, PNG or JPG
# Allows you to save or load print jobs so that you may reuse them
# Allows you to re-arrange pages or jobs
# Allows you to combine different print jobs unto one page even if they come from different applications (e.g. Access, Open Office, etc.)

Get Free Abelssoft CleverPrint 2010 Professional

This is Adventskalender-promo being offered by LoadBlog.de and Abelssoft.de cooperation. Below is a full pictorial for you help but if you are interested, you can find loadblog.de promo here:


1: Open the following web address into your browser and click on blue link as guided into snap1. Download CleverPrint 2010 Pro and install it.

2: Run CleverPrint 2010 and a window (snap2) will open asking you to register it and unlock it. Snap2 is showing you 2 steps marked number 1 and number 2. After completing the first step, do not close this window and wait for a message. Even after message, do not close it.

3: Within few seconds, you will receive a message telling you that your license has been sent to your eMail (snap3).

4: Check your eMail box. You will have an eMail from Abelssoft. eMail has your license. Now copy the license and paste it in 2nd step of snap2 and press big button Unlock.

You have successfully unlocked Abelssoft CleverPrint 2010 Professional. Enjoy it.


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Thanks a lot for sharing. It seems to be a good product.


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