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Customize Your Icon’s Layout with DesktopOK


Anyone know about Desktop Icon Toy? To put it simply, it is a desktop icon manager capable of arranging your desktop icon layout, inject some animation in it and edit the icon’s text, such as making it disappear completely or using a different color scheme. All is well for this software…except for the pitiful fact that it is not a freeware…

GUI of DesktopOK. Try out the ‘Punch the Icons’ feature: It is pretty cool!

DesktopOK is the perfect alternative to Desktop Icon Toy…and it’s free, by the way! It is developed by the same author, Nenad Hrg who also developed Q-Dir, a lightweight files & folders manager. As with all stuffs developed by Nenad, DesktopOK is light as feather, is portable (no installations required), have a small file size and offers an exciting list of features; some of which Desktop Icon Toy also have.

What makes DesktopOK different from Desktop Icon Toy, though, is that it can run in the background and take “snapshots” of your desktop icons according to a user-defined schedule, for example every few hour or so or even before shutdown occurs. Incredibly, it can also be configured to take these snapshots only if it detects a change on the icon layout. DesktopOK is compatible with all modern OS (by that i mean from Windows 95 all the way up until Windows 7!) and is available for 32-bit as well as natively for 64bit systems.

Here are a simple list of features for DesktopOK:

  • Save your favorite icon locations for each screen resolution.
  • Each user can then have his own arrangement.
  • Minimises to tray area for easy access.
  • Launch at Windows startup.
  • Autosave
  • Portable

So if you’re a desktop customization geek and would like to mess with your icons’ layout, do give DesktopOK a try. I’m not saying that Desktop Icon Toy is not good, but when you have DesktopOK which is portable, compatible with all OS and is absolutely FREE, who would even bother looking at Desktop Icon Toy in the first place? (LOLX)

Download DesktopOK HERE or the unicode version HERE. Note that in Windows XP & 2000, the unicode version is always better and more stable.

Visit Nenad Hrg‘s official website for more info


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