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Hi Friends,
How’s going? Here everything is OK. It will be a great pleasure for me to announce that COMPUTELOGY.com is on the Internet, now. It is not fully functional, yet, but I hope to finalize it till 20th of May, 2010. I acquired COMPUTELOGY.com sometime ago. Now, I am working on it. You can access it on COMPUTELOGY.com and can also leave your comment. If you have some suggestions, please, let me know. It will be a great help to build a quality blog.
I am trying to manage Usability and Accessibility aspects on COMPUTELOGY.com. This will help to locate article or some info easily. There are not many blogs which are following or trying to follow Usability and Accessibility guidelines. In other words, they have made their blogs so complicated that made difficult to find required info/piece of knowledge. I will try to avoid this complication. You will find COMPUTELOGY.com a neat and clear with easy access to contents of blog. You will be able to easily find the info which you needed.
When, finally, COMPUTELOGY (softgeeek.blogspot.com) will move to its own domain, I will let you know. Well, keep reading…
SoftGeeek.blogspot.com known as COMPUTELOGY is my first blog portal. Before this, I have had no experience of blogging. When I started blogging, I started at my own. Nobody was there to help me. With experiments, I learned. I have had no knowledge of HTML, JSP, CSS or any other web programming scripting language. I still do not have.
SoftGeeek.blogspot.com is a success. This success was not possible without your help. Yes! you COMPUTELOGY reader. I did not spend a single penny but yea my precious time. I spent hours and hours on my blog. The only reason which kept me motivating was the readers of COMPUTELOGY. Now, with the help of almighty supreme power and the appreciation of readers, everyday unique visitors are not less than 3000. I know this is not a big number and it is still satisfactory. My first THANKS bucket flies to COMPUTELOGY (SoftGeeek.blogspot.com) readers. I hope to have your appreciation on new blog, too.
I wanna say Thank you to my guest writer James. He is a very nice and brilliant writer who is sharpening his nails everyday on technology. He is preparing himself to become a real geek of future. I am sure you always enjoyed his articles on SoftGeeek.blogspot.com. He will keep writing articles on COMPUTELOGY.com. I, normally, talk about the important aspects and about the questions which a normal computer user may ask but James always talks in a technical way. Which is great for a techie. He owns his own blog named DIGITAL PLEXUS.
As I have told you about my web programming scripting language ability, PHP is like a space shuttle for a tricycler. I needed help to understand PHP, CSS, JQuery, and many other languages. Samuel Rajkumar helped me to manage COMPUTELOGY.com on WordPress platform. He has given me a few hundred tips. Even sometime he has to explain the process like explaining some chemical formulas to 1st grader. I hope he will help me in future, too, as he has done in past. I call him Sam. Samuel Rajkumar has his own blog named Tech I Share.
I wanna say thanks to all bloggers who connected SoftGeeek.blogspot.com and helped in its growth. It is impossible for me to write about all but, your name is mentioned or not, Thanks to all of you. I also wanna say Thanks to those bloggers who never credited me even though they copied me.
Finally about me: I have a surprise for you: small but interesting: My name is Perti.
I will be more than happy to hear you. If I have missed something in this article and you think, that should be part of it, let me know.


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oh its sad you wan moving to wordpress hoping you cntinue on yours blogger presence simultanously best of luck

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