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Abelssoft StartupStar v2.5 – Free till June 01, 2010


Hi Friends,
I do not have enough time to talk. I have to do a lot of things and the most important is to finalize COMPUTELOGY.COM. Whatever, You have almost 20 days to Get Free Abelssoft StartupStar v2.5. Sotp…! Do not you know what type of this software is? Are you doubted? No problem, here is a little detail from Abelssoft website. It may explain what is StartupStar and you may like it.
StartupStar gives you full control about what happens when you start your system. It manages all programs that are launched on Windows start up.With StartupStar you can choose which programs are started so you’ll be able to remove unwanted programs that are launched without your permission.Furthermore StartupStar can create, edit and remove entries and you are also able to change their location. StartupStar also gives you the opportunity deactivate an entry quickly so you can test your new settings without removing an entry.StartupStar offers you a great Backup system so you’ll always be able to undo changes in your settings. Using StartupStar gives YOU the control about what’s started on YOUR system. StartupStar was written to be as user friendly as possible. Because of this, won’t have to be a specialist in the Start up-Topic. There are many help screens and there are good explanations in the program. One of the best features of StartupStar is the build-in Backup System for your settings: StartupStar creates a backup whenever it is started and it keeps up to 15 different settings so you’ll always be able to restore the original settings. Therefore it’s easy to test most of it’s features. StartupStar is furthermore able to deactivate an entry temporary. Because of this, it is easy to deactivate an entry with a single button click without removing it completely.
Get Free:
All the steps have been described below in detial.
1: Open the following web address into your browser and do as guided:
1: Write your eMail.
2: Press blue button “LOS!
[Image Deleted]
2: Check your eMail, you will have an eMail from Abelssoft GmbH containing your license. Follow the following snap to locate your license of Abelssoft StartupStar v2.5.
[Image Deleted]
3: Download Abelssoft StartupStar v2.5 and install it and register it with the license which you have received into your eMail. Enjoy it.
If you did not receive license after completing step one, follow the following steps.
1: Same as described above. OR. If you do not want to submit your eMail, access the promo web page here: (This page is same as described in following step 2).
2: After submitting your eMail, you will be directed to download page of StartupStar. Download it and install it (3). Redirected page whose snap is shown below is:
[Image Deleted]
Or direct download from the following link:
3: After installation, run the program. A window will open asking you to enter your info so that you can get your free license. The window instructions are in German, so follow the instructions:
1: Email
First Name
Last Name
2: Press big button numbered as 2. A new window will open telling you that the license has been sent to you into your eMail. Close this window. (forget 3 and 4 in the below snap)
[Image Deleted]
4: Uninstall this German version of StartupStar. Download English version from original website and install it. Use the license, which you received in step 3, to register it.
Enjoy it.


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