Behold, The New Avira Free is Released…With New Looks, New Features & New Performance!!!


Avira is popular in the antivirus industry thanks in no small part to its lightweight performance, high detection rate and free-for-use version, dubbed ‘Personal Edition’ in the market. After months of beta testing for the Avira Premium Security Suite v10, it is finally released – and a remarkable release too.

The new Avira antivirus spots a slicker and enhanced interface, new set of features, optimized performance and it is still free. I downloaded a copy of it and evaluated it immediately even though i have Avast! installed on my PC (though it is not advisable, i realized that the latest version of both Avira and Avast! worked pretty well together!).

New GUI, New Feel:




Avira’s previous interface looks simple but dull-looking compared to other free antivirus like Avast!, Rising and Microsoft Security Essentials. One improvement user will immediately spot on this latest release is its overall looks. Avira have designed a new desktop icon that reflects on Windows 7’s Superbar too; it tweaked its interface a little to give it a slicker look and added interactive & glossy, colored icons to its main GUI.


New Set of Features:

Avira PE added a few interesting detection categories in its protection module which can be noticed on Avira’s Protection Settings Panel and also during the installation setup. With such new features, you can expect Avira to do an even more thorough protection of your machine – even if it is free.

The above screenshot says it all: Avira has added three extra protection categories to the free version of Avira Antivir which includes backdoor clients, double-extension files and programs with domain violation characteristics. From the new category’s looks, it seems like Avira is starting to pay importance to eliminating the sources of malwares: which are those supposedly legitimate programs that in fact, can allow malwares to sneak into a user’s computer. If we assume that it also means real-time exploit protection, then Avira is really becoming more powerful as it was in detection.

New Performance:

Avira’s complete scan used to be quite slow, especially during the first-ever go; it has become a thing of the past though. My PC has both Windows Vista and Windows 7 installed in different partitions on which previous scans with the older Avira would take at least half-an-hour or more, depending on the idle state of the PC. I did a complete scan of both partitions and the new Avira took only around twenty minutes or so, which is impressive.

The new Avira is possibly also good at rooting out rogue orphan files which refuses to go away. My complete scan found no virus, but instead detected one orphan file which i recognized as a remnant of a failed F-Secure Utilities Pack beta uninstallation. Avira alleged it was a system file which contains unwanted behaviors and since i don’t need the file anyway, i let Avira clean it.

It Is Still Free:

Like Avast! and AVG often stressed, users can depend on free antivirus for protection and Avira also supports the statement. Avira PE v10 is still free for use, and will automatically prompt for free license update once the expiration occurs. Even though it is annoying that Avira simply refuse to remove the advertisement that often popped up after a database update, it caused little problems as i can manually remove it or with specifically-designed Avira ad-remover.

If you haven’t try your hands on Avira Antivir Personal Edition yet, this is the day to do so. For experienced users, it is advisable to upgrade to this latest release: it is worth the effort – and what more can i say when it is now even better and still free to all?

Download Avira Antivir PE now.

To remove the Avira ads, you can do it manually (instructions for all contemporary versions of Windows included) OR download and run this removal tool.


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