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UNetbootin Let You Create Bootable Live Linux USB Drive


Majority of people still uses CDs/DVDs to install and keep backup of their operating system installer. The use of USB drives to keep such installer is not common, yet. It has many reasons but the big one is the installation through USB drive is slow compared to CD/DVD. On the other hand we see USB drive is more secure to keep data compared to to CD/DVD.[Image Deleted]Normally, we download Linux installer (using common word instead of writing each Linux distro name) and burn it on CD/DVD and install it. But with the help of UNetbootin we do not need CDs and DVDs any more. We can create bootable installer through UNetbootin. We can use it on Linux as well as Windows platform to create live bootable USB drive containg Linux image.

To create bootable USB drive containing live Linux image, we have two options; we can let it download any Linux distro (we will choose from a list) from Internet or if we have an ISO image of Linux distro, we can use that image. There is no restriction of using specific Linux distro. We can use any Linux distro but it should be in ISO image format. There are many different Linux dirstros available online to download through UNetbootin. We need to choose one or use our ISO image which is not in the list. Some famous supported Linux distros are; Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, openSUSE, Fedora, etc.

UNetbootin can be used for many other useful purposes like loading System Utilities, etc. Read full detail HERE and Here. It is a portable tool. Just download it and run it.

* Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, or Linux. If you are having trouble with the Linux version, try the Windows version, it usually works better.
* A broadband internet connection to download the distribution’s .iso file (unless you’re using your own files)

» See Home page.
» See List of distributions for which UNetbootin has built-in support.
» See List of all distributions known to work with UNetbootin.
» See List of Custom UNetbootin Versions and Plugins.
» See Using a UNetbootin Plugin.


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