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Introducing Sublight, A Fantastic Movie Subtitle Search Engine and Downloader


Just a week ago, one of my younger cousin had serious troubles with her PC and I offered myself in sorting it out. Afraid of her being bored with my technical procedures, i think i might as well share one of my movies with her. However, she complaint of the lack of subtitles from the movie, which does not make her movie-viewing experience enjoyable; this is due to the fact that the movie was shared on a notebook with inferior speakers and the conversations in the movie being too fast to catch.

I decided to solve this problem before the upcoming Christmas gathering, where i promised to show her the movie again, this time with subtitles. Well, finding any usable Subtitle downloader is easy but it took me quite a while to find the best subtitle downloader available and it is called Sublight.

Sublight is a free subtitle downloader and search engine developed by Sublight Labs, which is extremely stable, easy to use and convenient as well. One of its powerful feature is the ability to support over 46 subtitle languages, making it a compatible subtitle downloader for virtually anybody regardless of race or primary languages.

Here’s how Sublight Works:

1. To start off with an existing movie, users have to tell Sublight where their movie is located in the hard disk.

2. After directing Sublight to the movie file, Sublight will immediately retrieve relevant subtitles for users to download

3. Users choose from a list of subtitles to download. Once the subtitles are downloaded, the movie playback will immediately begin.

Here’s what happened when subtitles are downloaded and played along with the movie file. I tested this file on my Ratatouille movie file which is pretty much working:

Well, its kind of true that we shouldn’t be picky about what we eat…obviously, but for software, being picky is nothing less than important (software is much more complicated than food, anyway…). I’m glad of being picky over a simple subtitle downloader because at the end of the day, Sublight is working fantastically for a subtitle downloader and it is the best in conveniently suiting my needs.

Dowload Sublight now, or visit the Sublight Labs official site for more information.

Note: Sublight Labs is now in the middle of developing Sublight v2 beta, so if you’re interested in their development, make sure you keep tabs on their progress from time to time!


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