Get Your Free 90-Days Genuine Norton Internet Security 2010 Now!


Like it or hate it, Norton is already an established antivirus with considerable amount of popularity. Just a few weeks ago, Norton 2010 is released to public and is well-received by critics, as usual. Though i’m no fan of Norton, I am currently test-running Norton 2010 on one of my virtual machines running Windows XP and surprising to say, Norton has become quite stable now, although it still have rooms to improve.

Some new features of Norton Internet Security 2010 includes:

  • NEW! Norton IdentitySafe: On-the-Go lets you access your most up-to-date log-ins and passwords on any Norton Internet Security 2010 protected PC.
  • NEW! Norton Safe Web: identifies unsafe and dangerous web sites right in your search results.
  • NEW! Norton Quorum Technology: Analyzes downloads, files and applications and tells you if they can be trusted before you install and use them.
  • NEW! Compatible with Windows 7

So, if you are a loyal fan of Norton, or you would like to try Norton’s latest offering, here’s a free 90-days genuine Norton Internet Security 2010 for you. The free offer is sponsored by famous Dutch insurance company ING, and the subscription is only an introductory one. Unlike the usual method where users have to navigate through lots of steps just to get a genuine license code, this time all users have to do is download the installer that has the license code integrated with it – it’s that simple!

Download Norton Internet Security 2010 installer with integrated 90-days subscription, click on this download link.

For additional troubleshooting on installer downloading issues, click here.


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Really? is this a good alternative now?i mean, it has NEVER been a GREAT av, but.. ok, if you say so ;)also.. my license of avira premium security suite is coming to its end u.u do you have another link to a promotion licence? ^^ here all it says is "We're sorry but this promotion… Read more »


@ PortSkae – Welcome back. Where you been for this long time? Have to believe Norton because it is still largest security software vendor. Y do not you try BitDefender Total Security 2010 for 6 months free?


@ Anonymous – Norton AV has made its performance better but my favorite is still BitDefender AV. Give it a try. Compare both, and choose one. Try to not to test every AV. Keep one and you will be safe.


I bought a legal copy of Norton AV 2008 and used it for 4 months. After that time I felt something unusual and uninstalled it and checked my computer with Avira and it came up with 22 viruses…!!!Anyway, I hope Norton has improved and again I am going to give it a try but I… Read more »

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