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Get Free Ashampoo Photo Optimizer v2.02 (Save EUR 9.99)


Yea, once again I am going to save your money. Could you tell me how much you have saved your money? LOL. Nevermind. The main theme of my work is to save money for some other very important things of life like family, studies, health, etc. BTW, you will find many free and better software than Ashampoo Photo Optimizer but commercial software has its own taste. It is not the latest release v3 but as I said many times Something is Better than Nothing. There should be no point to hesitate. The license acquired through following procedures, can be used on English release of Ashampoo Photo Optimizer v2.

I will add one thing in this article i.e. if you are creating your account on Ashampoo’s website first time through the registration link (it is in German) of Photo Optimizer, I will give here a detailed illustration as help to register new account at the end of this article.

Those who have tried the programme once don’t ever want to work again without it. This is also because of the advantage of time. Whole picture folders can be automatically read and optimised in one go. While doing so, the programme greatly values data safety. The original data will automatically be saved to a backup folder, and even then, they will only be deleted when the user is completely satisfied with the optimised photos.

Those who notice that their photos are lying on their side, or on their head, can turn them straightaway with a click of the mouse. In this way Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2 also makes sure that the individual photos are in the correct position and order after the optimisation.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2 supports the following formats: BMP, JPEG, PNG, TGA and TIFF

· Support of digital cameras
· Direct jump to important folders (My pictures, connected cameras, USB flash drives, etc.)
· Multiple use of the automatic optimization
· Manual readjustment of brightness, contrast and gamma for experts
· Print function
· The large thumbnail view provides a better overview
· Directory tree for a comfortable search for files
· Maximizing function for the picture view
· Easy switch between the original and the optimized version for direct comparison
· Backups of the original files are stored at a central location and not in the directories
· Photo optimization with only one mouse click
· Improve the contrast, brightness, color intensity and sharpness
· Picture preview
· Possibility to undo the picture optimization at any time
· The untouched original remains as a backup
· Batch processing of all pictures in one folder is possible
· Turn pictures to the right or to the left
· Much More…

Grab It:
There are two methods to get your free license.

Method 1:
1: Open the any of the following link into your browser (copy n paste). You will see a form like in sanp P1. Enter your email and press button Senden. (If you do not have already account on Ashampoo, new account creating procedure is given at the end of this article).


[Image Deleted]

2: After completing step 1, you will be in your Ashampoo’s account. Look at snap P2 to find your license. You will also receive your license into your email account.

[Image Deleted] 3: Download Ashampoo Photo Optimizer v2.02 and use the license to register it.

Method 2:
1: Open the following webpage into your browser and press big blue button Zum Download. Snap P3. You will be directed to new page P4. Look at snap P3 n P4 where you should click to download Ashampoo Photo Optimizer v2.02. Now I suppose you have downloaded Ashampoo Photo Optimizer v2.02.

[Image Deleted]

2: During installation, you will be shown that this download is a full version. You should not uncheck the option telling you to get free full version license. Check snap P5a and P5b as given below.

[Image Deleted]

3: After installation, your default browser will open a webpage (same link as shown in method 1 step 1) to register your free license. Now the procedure is same as described in Method 1 (step 1 n 2).

You have grabbed your free license of Ashampoo Photo Optimizer v2.02. Enjoy it.

New Account Create at Ashampoo:
If you are creating your account first time on Ashampoo’s site through the link provided, the page will be in German. Here is a complete pictorial procedure to help you.
Look at snap P6. You will understand it easily.

[Image Deleted] After sending info, you will receive an email from Ashampoo for confirmation. Confirm it and you will be in your account with Ashampoo. You can see your registration key there. You will also receive it into your account. Enjoy everything.


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very nice description. the procedure made easy.


simple, thank you for all your efforts.

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