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Get Free VirtualDrive Home 11.8 + PC Shower 2009 + Nitro PDF 5 + ArtStudioPro Vol.2


(updated: 10 Oct, 09)Yesterday, I could not write any article. The reason is, I was working on some new explored web sites. I explored many active promotions. At the moment, I can not share all the promotions but you can easily figure it out how to grab UNTOLD promos, just comparing promos URLs. Instead of writing about each promo separately and killing time, I will write a small but compact article which you can easily understand. There may be some mistake. So, your may ask for correction.

Before requesting for license, you should read the full article. The reason is info about one software is not at one place. The article is divided into 3 parts: Grab it, Download and Installation. The reason is if I write separately for each software, better to write four different articles but I will not do it. This is a good thing.

The reason is you do not know when the promo is over. But my friends do not understand and put their readers in a long wait. What if the promo is over during that time of wait? Somebody may need it and you let it over just for creating suspense. Not for creating suspense, in fact writing some fake comments to get some traffic (they blame every blogger on this matter except themselves). Sure they will get it but crying in each and every post is not a sign of intelligence. They should understand this, Blaming the others is easy but facing is very difficult.

These promos are from different German sites major one is Computerbild.de, Chip.de and many others. I am disclosing one important thing is if you change date in the promo URL, you can find many interesting promos which have not been told (UNTOLD), yet. Look at the following snap for better understanding.

[Image Deleted] Lets run to promos before these will be over.

Grab It:

Open the URL written under the respective software name and fill a short form as shown in snap P1. Remember! The form layout is same. This means different promos with different URLs are using same form layout. (URL copy n paste)

VirtualDrive Home 11 .8

PC Shower 2009

Below is a new link, both work

ArtStudioPro Vol.2

Nitro PDF 5


[Image Deleted]2: At the next page, you will be told in German language that a verification email has been sent to your email. Now check your email and verify the link by clicking on it. The email will be sent to you from nobox.de – Der Downloadshop. Check snap P4 to find confirmation link. It will open a new page telling you that your license has been emailed you. Now check your email again and you will have a license key for your requested software. Find word SERIENNUMMER, your license will be on right side of this word. If you received two licenses, try both, at least one will work.

[Image Deleted] Download:

Below are the download links of respective software.

1: Open the URL of respective software into your browser and download it. (URL copy n paste)

VirtualDrive Home 11 .8

You can also download it from the following URL but it will be in German language.

PC Shower 2009
The first link is tested and worked.


ArtStudioPro Vol.2
Update 1: David Colbert has provided two direct links to download ArtStudioPro. Here are:

Update 2: Darara provided one more download link here:

Nitro PDF 5
There is one problem that I could not find Nitro PDF 5 download link. The reason is Nitro PDF 6 is released. You may need to find Torrent or RS for Nitro PDF 5 or if you know any working download link for Nitro PDF 5, share it with us. Update 1: Lalavava shared the download links of Nitro PDF 5:



VirtualDrive Home 11 .8
The only care is you will be asked your license/key during installation. So keep it ready when you are installing VirtualDrive Home 11.8.

PC Shower 2009
If you download from tested site, After installation, you will be asked to enter license which you received into your email. Look at P3 to find license into your email and P2 to enter license in appropriate place.

[Image Deleted] [Image Deleted] ArtStudioPro Vol.2
Use the license which you received into your email.

Nitro PDF 5
The license will not work in v6. So, license grabbed by this way is only acceptable in v5 and all updates related to Nitro PDF v5 (32bit-64bit).

There are some promos of such software which I could not find. I got license but no way to get installer of such software. So, I am not sharing those promos. If I could, I will.

FootNote: In the snap below, I am sharing one extra link. Now find it out which is the link and grab that one UNTOLD promo (Remember, there are still many UNTOLD promos). I hope that in future I will not show you such footnotes again. Bear with me probably last time. This is Google proof of being 1st once again.
[Image Deleted]


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