Free LAlarm Laptop Security That Does Not Make You Look Paranoid






One week ago, I received some info from James Lee about LAlarm. James Lee is general manager in LAlarm Systems. I am thankful to him for such a good piece of info. The caption of the message caught me and I thought to write about LAlarm. You may like to read the caption: A Laptop Security That Does Not Make You Look Paranoid. It may not possible to write in detail but I will tell something interesting.First of all, keep in mind, if you want to get such type of software, you would have to pay at least few bucks. It is Free for Home Users. But the students can really get benefits of this nice piece of software. They need it.

You may think this is some sort of software which will beep when the security breach will happen. No man, this is more than that. No doubt the major benefit is securing you from your computer theft but there are some other good alarms like Disk Alarm, Battery Alarm, Inattention Alarm, Perimeter Alarm, etc.

Let me tell you what happened here. I was testing Theft Alarm. I attached a USB memory stick and locked the computer Win+l. After locking computer, when I remove the memory stick, I heard a loud siren sound coming from my home sound system which was connected to my computer, unfortunately. I remember, my computer speakers were mute when I locked it. I shocked and everybody at home ran to my room. At that moment there was nothing in my mind. I wanted to stop it but brain was empty. I simply, powered off the computer instead of shutting down it through Start Menu.

This is just a one function which shocked everything. There are more functions but for security, more than shaking. You can recover and destroy your data. You can set your safety zone. When you will move out of safety zone, alarm will be punching your head. The best thing is you can get warning on your mobile phone.

This is A MUST HAVE SOFTWARE which should be on your computer. This would be a good companion of your Malware Security software. Malware Security software can not save you from physical theft of your computer but it can. This is very useful and nice piece. I have it on my one laptop. I will use it for personal usage. At least, you should try it. Below is a URL where you can access LAlarm.


Remember! It is free for home users. I hope it will remain free for home users. For business purposes, you can buy license but talking about spending money on any software is out of scope. There are some other similar software which were free but when became popular, they kicked the free users.

During installation, you may see a text box asking you to enter authorization code/license/key/reg-code. Just ignore it and press button OK. One strange thing is at installation window, you will see “Uninstall” and when you run program after installation, you will see again “Install”. Just ignore it. Otherwise it works very fine. The Help file is very useful. Almost every function is described in detail. Read Help file carefully and do not misunderstand anything. I do not want you to face same situation what I faced. Also on website, read FAQ and other helping material available on website.

I hope you will enjoy it.

Update Dec 25, 2018: Please do google LAlarm for download.


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