Get Free UpdateStar Premium Edition + Norman Antivirus & Antispyware


Yesterday, you Grabbed Norton Internet Security 2009-2010 license which is valid for 6 months. Today, you are gonna Grab UpdateStar Premium Edition + Norman Antivirus & Antispyware. In fact, UpdateStar Premium Edition is a offer. Luckily, the license distributed can be used on premium editions as well as on CHIP edition of UpdateStar. This article is not very long. The reason is you can read all info about software on their websites. So, save your time and run to Grab these offers.

Grab It:
As there are two software, I will describe UpdateStar promo first and then Norman AntiVirus n AntiSpyware.

UpdateStar Premium Edition:
1: Open the following URL into your browser and simply type your email where it is asked and submit it. (copy n paste)
2: you will receive a confirmation email containing confirmation link. Confirm it by clicking on the link.
3: Soon, you will receive a long email which will be in German language. Do not worry to read all. Just find word Lizenzschlüssel and on the right side of this word is your license. Remember, use license without inverted commas.
4: Download installer from UpdateStar website and use the license to register it. You will get UpdateStar Premium Edt with this license.

Norman AntiVirus n AntiSpyware:
Just open the following URL into your browser and fill the form with required information. Email should be real. Use the promo-code 25JAHRE-DE. You will receive an email containing your one year free license of Norman AntiVirus n AntiSpyware. (copy n paste URL)

Enjoy the both offers.



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Francis Bayer

Thank you TechGeek! the promotion code which was Norman's worked well.

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