Announcing the Winner of CA Security Suite 2010 1-year, 3 PCs License Key plus Consolation Prize for All Readers!


Guys, two weeks have passed since I started out this draw. I must say I am quite satisfied with the response; it feels as though many people are actually interested in the security solutions of CA. I’m glad you are interested in the first place.

Since I’ve stated in my post that the criteria to win the license key are useful comments posted on any single post of mine after the day the lucky draw was first held, I have decided on the worthy winner of the license key. I am very happy to announce to you all that the winner is………..


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Congratulations on winning your license key and download link for CA Security Suite 2010! You deserve the big prize for putting out a truthful, helpful and straightforward comment! Contact me by dropping me an e-mail together with the name you used for your comment using the ‘Contact Me with Hotmail’ at my site, m . If you did not claim your prize within 2 day’s time span, the big prize will automatically be withdrawn, so hurry up!

For the others, do not be discouraged, for you have all tried your best. As I am in a good mood, I am happily ready to announce another good news. While you are unable to get the 1-year license key, I am now providing you consolation prizes: a free access to CA Antivirus or CA Security Suite 2010 for 90 days worth of use! Claim your consolation prize by doing the following:

1.    If you want a 90-day version of CA Antivirus Plus 2010, click this link. If you want a 90-day version of CA Security Suite Plus 2010, click on this link.

2.    Fill out the details required. Details can be anything but e-mail must be valid.

3.    After you fill in everything, press ‘submit’

4.    You’ll be sent an e-mail from CA. In the mail will contain your download link to the 90-day worth of CA 2010.

Before you start, make sure you are a first-time CA user, for you’ll need to register a free CA account. The license is for 1 computer’s use only, and the promotion links work as of 12 October 2009. I do not take responsibility if CA had decided to withdraw this promotion after this date. 

That’s all for the lucky draw event. I hope I can organize yet another lucky draw like this again!


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