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Get Free ArzooSoft USB Threat Defender License and Save $39.95


USB storage devices are becoming very famous because of their portability, data handeling and cost effectiveness. You can store a huge amount of data in USB media which is less than your finger in size. These USB media can be USB Flash drive, removable hard disk, Memory card, SD, MicroSD, MMC, USB Camera, USB Audio player, Mobile phone, iPod, Iphone etc. Have you heard about ArzooSoft USB Threat Defender?

Along with advantages, there are huge number of dangers attached to USB media like easy Malware carrier, easy lost of media because of its size, fragility, etc. and the major threat is Malware infection through USB media. There are different types facilities available to avoid these dangers. And to protect from Malware, you have different types and Anti-Malware like ArzooSoft USB Threat Defender.

USB Threat Defender protects you from all types of Malware threats which can be carried in a USB drive. Use it along with any other Anti-Virus and it will never conflicts. I have test it with Avast and Kaspersky and it worked fine.

check Provides maximum protection against any USB Threats.
check Uses Proactive Scan Technology to detect unknown malwares.
check Uses Definition based scan to detect known malwares.
check Successfully Removes already installed malwares on a system.
check Cures crippled system, and restores system health.
check Performs complete indepth analysis to detect malwares.
check Uses integrated real-time Resident Shield to detect malwares at early stage.
check Has Quarantine Option to recover infections.
check Does not require regular Updates.
check Protects both Online and Offline systems effectively.
check Protects Home and Business systems effectively.
check Easy to use graphical interface.
check One time registration fee, lifetime FREE upgrades.

As it is specially designed for USB Media, so it is really very small in size and uses little system resources. When you scan your system with USB Threat Defender, it automatically detects the removable USB media attached to your system. It can scan not only USB media but also your local drives. It also scans system memory to kill any dangerous running process. This is a very simple application not like other complicated AntiViruses.

Along with good things, it has few missing things/facilities. You can not do a specific path scan. You can not exclude a particular file or folder from scanning. You have no option to ignore False-Positive warning. Either you have to quarantine it or have to delete it. It does not has scheduled updates. All updates you have to get manually. During updates, it terminates itself and the funny thing is you have to restart it after updating it.

I tested it on Windows 7 and it worked well. They designed it for Windows® Vista, Seven, XP, 2003, 2000, NT.

Grab It:

I could have written this article yesterday but it was useless. The reason is yesterday on giveawayoftheday, it was free to download and it was written in text file that this product can be activated within the promotion time. I waited till the end of promotional time. I tested the license which I got from promotional offer and it worked even after the promotional period was over. The good thing is it can be activated offline. If you already have this license, good or if you do not have, you can copy from here:

Name: Giveawayoftheday
Serial number: 21024A0A68A1C85D6EF1C763-1-E

I forget to give you download link. You can access it here: (copy and paste in new browser)

You can google the download link, original one is gone forever.



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