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Get Free ABBYY PDF Transformer, Power Desk Pro 6, Registry First Aid 6, IdiomaX Translation 4 and More


Here is a big deal again. These promotional softwares are bit old but still usable. Specially, XP users can be benefited. I tested ABBYY PDF Transformer 1.0 and IdiomaX Translation v4 on Windows 7 and they worked fine.
I will divide this article into three parts. First part is as usual Grab It and Installation. The 3rd part is Missing (Update 1: Download Links are updated). Grab It contains two complete promotions for Grabbing. Missing portion has the links to register but I could not found download links (Updated). There is one more extra section named French Offers. This section has 10 promotional links. Find this French Offers at the end of article. French Offers are Expert PDF 4, MOVAVI CovertMovie 4, Driver Genius 6, Registry First Aid 4, StarOffice 7, WebSite X1, RadioTracker 4 SE, WebAnimé Express, PowerDesk Standard and Sudoku Golda.
You need to have Avanquest account to capture these promos. I will advise you to create a separate email for spams. Just register for any trial software on Avanquest and you will get your Avanquest account. And, if you look at registration link, you can find more with a bit struggle. So, do not forget to find more.
Grab It:
It has two sections: Register and Download-License. So read both sections before actions.
1:The form for both offers is same but URLs are different. Follow snap P1 to Grab your license.
ABBYY PDF Transformer 1.0 URL is:
IdiomaX Translation v4 URL is
[Image Deleted]
Follow snap P2 and P3 to download and find your Grabbed licenses ABBYY PDF Transformer 1.0 and IdiomaX Translation v4, respectively.
[Image Deleted]
[Image Deleted]
You will not have any problem when installing ABBYY PDF Transformer 1.0 but installer of IdiomaX Translation v4 is bit tricky in start. When you will install IdiomaX Translation v4, the first window will be asking you the password which you got during registration. You simply copy paste it in the window (snap P4) and press button as indicated in snap P4. The installer will setup the files and then will ask you in English to choose your language. Now no more worry during installation. After fully installation, it shows Free version but otherwise no free version of IdiomaX available anywhere. It is strange.
[Image Deleted]
Missing (Updated):
I could not find download links for the two following software. If you find, let me know.
Power Desk Pro 6
Registry First Aid 6
Update 1:
Kim has provided the download links for both PowerDesk and Registry First Aid. You can find the download links in his comment.
French Offers:
Open the following URL into your browser. Select any three software, fill the form and submit it as directed in snap P5. After submission, on next page, you will see your 3 licenses of respective softwares. Repeat this action to Grab all 10 softwares.
[Image Deleted]


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