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Easily & Safely Change File Extensions with ABK File Extension Changer .NET


Guys, the past few weeks saw me busying for my university assignments and now i am currently preparing for my university’s final exams. As such, afraid to say that i will not post much as i usually do for at least three weeks from now. Not to say i will quit posting though; i will still write something when i was feeling confident about my revisions.

Anyway, let’s get started with my final post before i officially goes into hibernation. Today i am going to write about solving a computing task known as changing file extension. We all know that different files have different file extension; sometimes we want to change file extensions because maybe certain file extensions work with certain application, for example, Microsoft Office 2007’s .docx file extension must be changed into .doc extension in order for Microsoft Office 2003 & below to access. When we want to change a file extensionm we first have to show the file extension by manually tweaking it in the Windows Explorer File Options menu. But what if we don’t want to show the file extensions? What if we like to keep our file names clean and tidy, without different file extensions popping all over the place whenever we tried to rename a file?

ABK Freewares is as kind as to create a software named File Extension Changer to help our life easier. File Extension Changer .NET makes it very simple to change the extensions of single or multiple files. It integrates into the right-click context menu of files and folders using registry keys thereby providing ease of use without wasting system resources when not in use. It supports Drag-and-Drop feature helping you to change extensions of multiple files simultaneously. It also features a completely portable version of the program supporting context menu integration as well.

Here are the listed features of File Extension Changer .NET:

·    Integrates in context menu of files for easy access.
·    Can work with read-only, hidden or system files.
·    Very simple interface and easy to use.
·    Simple to install and remove.
·    Completely FREEWARE.

This software is an important tool for advanced users of Windows, especially if they are sharing their computers with other less IT-knowledgeable users. Manually changing the file extension will do as i mentioned previously, but then by enabling this function on Windows, the file extensions will continue to show up behind all names of files and folders as long as you did not turn it off. This can be troublesome especially when other users are renaming files and might corrupt a file in the process. Even if you had it turned off, during the next time when you wanted to edit some file extensions again, you will be forced to navigate your way deep into the folder settings of Windows just to turn it on again, which is inconvenient and time-wasting.

ABK File Extension Changer officially works with Windows XP, Vista and 7, and Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.5 in order to run, but older version of Windows should be able to support as well.

Download ABK File Extension Changer now by clicking on this download link from Softpedia.


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