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Get Free 6 Mac Apps: ShoveBox, WriteRoom, Twitterriffic, TinyGrab, Hords of Orcs, Mariner Write (Save $154)


Here is a set of 6 Mac application which is giving away free of cost. The giveaway name is MacHeist nanoBundle. The six applications are those shown in name of article but again just for you:
ShoveBox, WriteRoom, Twitterriffic, TinyGrab, Hords of Orcs, Mariner Write
[Image Deleted]
ShoveBox: ShoveBox catches all those little scraps of information that you can’t act on now but would rather not forget. It sits up in your menubar, waiting for you to drag in text, images, URLs, and more.
It also provides a sensible interface to sort everything you shoved. It’s all about spending less time processing and more time actually working on the things that matter.
WriteRoom: Walk into WriteRoom, and watch your distractions fade away. Now it’s just you and your text. WriteRoom is a place where your mind clears and your work gets done. When your writing is complete, exit WriteRoom and re-enter the busy world with your work in hand.
Twitterriffic: Twitterrific is a fun application that lets you both read and publish posts or “tweets” to the Twitter community website. The application’s user interface is clean, concise and designed to take up a minimum of real estate on your Mac’s desktop.
TinyGrab: TinyGrab is a simple yet extremely powerful utility for Mac OS X and Windows. Harnessing the power of pre-existing and new OS screenshot taking capabilities, TinyGrab instantly uploads and allows you to share with a small URL— all in under thirty-seconds.
Hords of Orcs: A “Tower Defense” game in which you must build walls and lethal towers to defend your village from the Orcs emerging from, what the village elders call, “The Glowing Portal of Really Bad Things That We Should Have Bricked-Up a Long Time Ago.” Sadly, the Portal is un-bricked and the Orcs are very, very hungry. If 20 Orcs make it to your village, you’re toast.
Mariner Write: Mariner Write is a powerful, yet streamlined word processor for Mac OS X. Boasting an elegant interface, as well as hundreds of intuitive features such as the ability to read Microsoft Word documents and produce customizable headers, footers, endnotes, and footnotes, Mariner Write has everything you need to turn out great-looking documents. Whether you’re a professional writer, educator, student, or an average user, Mariner Write has the functionality to be your go-to writing tool.
Grab It:
Open the following URL into your browser and click on a button “Get It For Free“. A form will open. Just fill it and submit it.
[Image Deleted]
In your account you will see 6 Mac products described above. In front of each application, you will see your name, email, serial and a big Download button. Save this info for later use. The reason for saving is it is over 4 hours and I have not received any email, yet. They have set a goal of 5,00,000 users. Mariner Write Serial will be shown when MacHeist nanoBundle subscirbers will reach to goal of 5,00,000 users. BTW, there are 6 days remaining and I think, they will get more than their goal.
[Image Deleted]
There is IP check. You may not be allowed to create other account within an hour from the same IP.
I did not tested any download. The reason is I am not using Mac.


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