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Forget Device Doctor WAS The Simplest & Free Windows Drivers Downloader


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Update: I wrote this article when Device Doctor was free and looked very promising. It ain’t free anymore and the developer is cashing the sympathies from freeware lovers. I have removed their link from this post for the dodgy behavior. I was inspired with the usability of this tool but what will I do with that if I cannot use it as promised. I hate these shady tactics. Also my Malwarebytes is blocking their website. Forget everything good word I wrote in next paragraphs. There are many better freeware solutions.

Updating Windows drivers is really a headache. Searching, locating, downloading, installing, it takes a lot of time and energy which we can spend on some other maters. I know there are some people who have already backed up their drivers and use them. But what about updating drivers? Yea, again headache. There are some tools available which can download the drivers for your computer. The matter is normally these tools cost you money which is not a good thing.

Device Doctor is a free [not free] solution for this problem. It is the simplest driver download software which I have come across. It does not has long and complicated menus like other costly driver downloaders. It is very easy to use. Just one button to scan, find and locate the drivers which your computer needs. The only problem is there is no auto-downloader for drivers. You need to download drivers manually. Missing functionality of auto-downloader can be found in all costly driver downloaders, too. So, this should not be a problem.

Even it does not has auto-downloader function but there will be a download button with each driver name on left side. Click on the button will start downloading the driver. It can find and download driver updates as well as missing drivers. So, for drivers finding and updating, it will work in both cases.

[Image Deleted] The most notable function is offline (disconnected Internet) drivers locating. Lets suppose your computer is not connected to Internet but you need to update your drivers. Simply run Device Doctor and let it scan your computer. After scan, it will try to connect to its server to create a list of drivers. Because of disconnected Internet, it will ask you to save list in your computer in HTML format. Save it. This HTML file can be used on any computer to download required drivers. Take this HTML file to some other computer which is connected to Internet. Open this file, you will see that every driver has a download link. Download driver and copy to the computer which does not has Internet connection. Now you can install the drivers which you needed.

In fact this is the tool which I was looking for since a long time. This is really a simple, easy, speedy and Usability following tool to download your drivers. This tool does not contain any makeup like other tools of same kind but it contains functionality free of cost. The functionality for which you would pay. Get it free.

I wanted to write about it earlier but waited to come it out of beta. Now the v1 is released. Grab it. Open the following link into your browser (Copy n paste).

The above writing was for old Device Doctors. The new one is a purchased product of Avanquest so it has stupid limitations now.

Link to Device Doctor removed because it ain’t free anymore. Not free is fine but the other shitty practice is only ONE driver can be downloaded a day using Device Doctor. Well, hon, get lost Device Doctor. 

They say:

Device Driver Database
* Provides drivers for every major computer hardware and device manufacturer
* More than 3 terabytes (3,000 GB) of drivers currently in the database
* We cache all drivers so downloads are quick and work every time
* Fast hardware scan takes mere seconds
Consistent Updating
* Constantly updated to include new driver versions as soon as released
* Every driver is human reviewed using specialized compatibility tools
* Learns from other users to recommend better drivers every day
Future-proof with Windows 7 and 64-bit Support
* Designed for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
* Thousands of drivers coming in weekly for Windows 7
* Full support for 64-bit systems, as well as 32-bit systems
Other Big Deal Functionality
* Provides device names for unknown devices before updating drivers
* Can be used offline – scan results are saved so you can move them to a connected computer and download there
* Updates WHQL (Microsoft certified) and non-WHQL drivers
* Yes, it is completely free with no adware or malware!


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