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Get Now Skylum Luminar 4 for Free [License Key + Download]


Skylum Luminar 4 is an application for image editing as well as plug-in to be used with Adobe Photoshop. If you are interested, you can get Skylum Luminar 4 for free right now. BTW, this Luminar 4 is one version old but still good enough to be enjoyed. You need to follow only three steps to get Skylum Luminar for free.

1: Click Here to open the Skylum Luminar promo-link into your browser, fill the form and submit it. Whether you agree to receive the promotional emails from Skylum or not, it does not matter. You will know it in the next step.

2: Now check your email from Skylum Team. Click on the button to confirm your subscription.

3: Soon you will get your Skylum Luminar license key with download link into your email address.

Now pay attention when you register Skylum Luminar 4. Enter your email as well as the license key as mentioned in the following image. BTW, you can use any email to register it because the license key is not bound to the email you submitted during the first step.


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When I try to open the program, I get the following message “To use the trial version of Luminar, please connect your device to the Internet”. When I hit the OK button, the program closes. Needless to say, I’m already connected to the Internet. Thanks,

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