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Enable 24/7 Night Mode in Linux Mint and Other Linux Distros


Linux adoption is on the rise. For example, me who has used Windows for life have moved to Linux for better security, stability, adaptability, and control, and more importantly the annoyingness of Windows for halting every now and then whenever the PC went under heavy processing. Well, me adopting Linux doesn’t mean it is perfect for me but it is better than Windows. Sometime, I do encounter small problems which become big issue while using Linux. For example, there is a small piece of software called Redshift which enables Night Mode in Linux Mint but it has its limitations.

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Redshift enables Night Mode in Linux only for the night time. During day timing it disables the night mode. There were a few guides available online to keep it enabled 24/7 but none worked for me. As I have sensitive eyes, it was very difficult for me to work on my Lenovo G32qc-10 monitor though I have enabled the night mode and reduced the brightness on the monitor settings but it was still hurting my eyes. So, I needed something which could enabled the night mode for 24/7 or as long as I wanted.

Sometime, Google is not that much helpful. You have to dig deep to find the solution for your problem. Well, I did find the solution. The solution is called QRedshift which is not available on Linux Mint Software Manager. You have to download it from the Web or install from the applet list available in System Settings.

As QRedshift is an applet, you will need Redshift app installed which should be pre-installed on your Linux Mint. If not, get Redshift via Software Manager. It is easy to use, Yes! easier than Windows night light feature and it provides more features. To install QRedshift, you open Applet window in Linux mint and search for QRedshift.

System Settings -> Applets

Now go to Manage tab and activate QRedshift applet and then go to settings to change as you want.

These are my settings for QRedshift.

Read more about QRedshift here:



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Thank you! Great job!

Naveen Kr.

Thank you so so so so much!!!
You solved my problem. I used to work on windows in daytime because linuxmint redshift doesn’t work in daytime.

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