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During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak This is How I Am Spending my Time


According to the news from China, she is the only country who has controlled Coronavirus (COVID-19). But on the other areas of the planet, this virus is not seem to be under control. People and GOVTs are trying but there is no stopping so far. The few countries have over thousand passed away patients. As of this writing there no medical cure for it. But sooner or later the cure will be available. Humanity has a hope and hope is the only thing which keeps humanity alive in all crisis. We are doing our best to be safe. I hope you are doing your best to keep yourself and your surrounding safe. Please, all of you take care.

If you google or bing how you can spend your isolation time during these crisis, you will find hundreds of articles. Thousands of people are sharing how they are spending the time in these days. And most of them are doing great. Luckily me and family (everyone) are safe though we had a lot of public dealing sometime back.

In these days, my daily routine is totally different from my normal routine. So what do I do during these days, I am gonna tell you a bit about it because it is not regular.

I have no sleep schedule in these days. I sleep whenever I want and wakeup when I am tired of sleep but go to sleep again within a few hours. Its weird. It is not that I always sleep on time and wake up on time. I am not a robot. I did have some problems adjusting my sleep but did sleep around the fixed time. But these days it is totally out of control. For sometimes, I could not sleep for more than 24 hours. My sleep time is totally busted. I do not know how I am gonna control it when everything will go back to normal.

The other change in habit, it is not a change in the change sense but I will say like more intense, is I am spending more time on reading and trying to keep myself updated on technology as much as possible. I know I cannot know everything but would it not be great if I knew everything! I use Inoreader app and have subscribed to many websites. I get hundred of articles in feed. I try to read as much as I can and get tired. When I get tired, I read more to remove my tiredness. Is it not weird? You should try this app if you have not.

I was used to be a good athlete and were a good player of table tennis, hockey, soccer, badminton, body-shaping (something like bodybuilding but more like keeping body fit), and many other sports. Some of these sports I left over time but I was doing daily walk and that is what I have not done since Coronavirus outbreak. I read many times that people have finished marathon inside or in the balcony of their homes. I tried a couple of time inside my home and just could not. It seems I am gonna get a few extra kgs by the time we will be able to go out and meet others freely.

I have always liked spicy food. My favorite ingredients are pepper, slat, turmeric (powder), ginger, garlic, garam masala, zeera, onion, cloves, cinnamon (Indian or Pakistani because they have different smell and taste). My food smells so strong that it has literally given headache to a few people. LOL. Sometime if I can find pre-mixed spices pack (again Indian or Pakistani) I get them and stock them according to 2 to 3 months consumption. I am talking about spice stocking and not daily food. There are a few mentally sick people who have stocked food because they got money. And there are a lot of who did not or could not do that. They need food and If you have, please share if you can. OK, so I was talking about my food. I cooked my food everyday before this Coronavirus spread. But now I am so lazy that I am eating only bread and butter. Sometime I cook rice and chickpeas and enjoy it.

I am also playing different games. My old times favorite Age of Empires is again on my computer. I am also playing World of Tanks, Armored Warfare, Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun, Red Alert, Command and Conquer Generals and Zero Hour, and Conqueror’s Blade. I am not on any game streaming platform.

And I have Cats. I love them. I do not need to spare my time to play with them. They are always here and I am there for them. In simple words, whatever I am doing I have to stop doing that when my cats need me. That’s is the end of story.

A new trend in these crisis is the celebrities are trying hard to prove that they are the real experts of Coronavirus (COVID-19). You read any newspaper, you will see these so called experts talking like they know everything and others are dumb. This has forced me to stop reading regular newspapers and their live updates because they have nothing to share about Coronavirus but celebrity stupid talk about it. I mean could not they find specialists and scientists to talk about it? It is not hard. But it is also the status of our mentality that we will listen these fame hungry celebrities instead of the real experts. And then there are stupid and mentally ill social media influencers who are doing Coronavirus challenges. I just sometime think what have we done with our lives? And yes, finally I have stopped reading Yahoo for news and I will try to not to go back to it ever.

And there are times in between when I really do not know what should I do. What should I do?

[Image source Wikimedia]
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