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Get Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Free for 6 Months


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Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud is basically intended for business use. I do not know if you can use it at home or not. It is because, according to the giveaway, they may ask for business and its location. I do not think they are asking the business registration. Well, you can try and get Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud for free for 6 months. I have not tried it.

Below are the instructions (google translate) to get Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud for six months free.

  1. Open the page and click on “Register”.
  2. Enter your email address, enter a password, repeat it, check the privacy policy and then click on “Create Account”.
  3. Open Kaspersky’s confirmation mail in your mailbox and click on the link to activate your account. If necessary, also check the spam.
  4. After clicking on “Continue” you log in with your freshly created account and then accept the terms of service for Kaspersky Business Hub.
  5. In the next window, enter the country in which your company is located.
  6. Then select the product “Endpoint Security Cloud” and click on “Next”.
  7. Confirm the Terms of Use for Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud, the Privacy Policy, and the Data Processing Agreement.
  8. Then enter the name of your company and the number of devices (between 5 and 999). The free trial license includes up to 10 devices.
  9. Now enter your first and last name and click “Next”. Now the workspace is generated for your newly created company profile. The process can take a few minutes. You will receive an email with a link when the workspace is available.
  10. Click on the link to open your workspace and then click on “Usage”.
  11. Confirm the Kaspersky Endpoint Security End User License Agreement and the attached Privacy Policy.
  12. Then enter your proxy server, if you use one.
  13. Finally, accept the terms and conditions of using the Kaspersky Security Network.
  14. Now your workspace is Active and you can click on “Licenses” to see the currently active standard license of 30 days. To use the extra-long free trial license of PC-WORLD, click on “Click here for Activation Code Entry ” and enter the code K1NTV-17WAH-PE1E3-M1ADX.
  15. If you then accept the new license settings, you can use Kaspersky Endpoint Security on up to 10 devices free of charge until 31.07.2019.
  16. To add new devices, you can now simply use “program packages” to download the software for Windows or Mac. Or you send invitations to use the software to other users from your company via “User”.

Note: You may need a new email address to get your Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud free for 6 six months.



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Kostas Drosakis

Thank you!Works perfect!!

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