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Get Free Aurora HDR 2018 License Key for Mac and Windows


Aurora HDR 2018

Hello accidental, occasional and professional photographers, here you got the chance to get free Aurora HDR 2018 license key code for your Mac and Windows systems. It is not the latest version of Aurora HDR 2018, which is Aurora HDR 2019, but it works just as it is supposed to do.

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With the help of Aurora HDR 2018, you can dramatically change your images and convert them into a state-of-the-art masterpiece. I have not used it at all. I know nothing about photography, in fact. But I said state-of-the-art because the images they have put on their website. If it does work like that, I think you must get it.

  • Revolutionary HDR algorithms make possible the entire spectrum of HDR looks, from natural to highly stylized.
  • Total HDR editing experience with the complete set of tools available.
  • Powerful one-click presets, including Signature Pro presets by Trey Ratcliff, Captain Kimo, and others, yield fantastic results instantly.
  • Layers, brushes, and masking provide the ultimate in selective editing.
  • Luminosity masking to blend layers
  • Unique Radiance and Glow controls and custom texture blending for creative versatility. 
  • Detail enhancement to increase drama in images.
  • Extensive color and toning controls for vibrant color combinations.
  • Batch processing that auto-detects brackets.
  • Modern user interface design makes for a comfortable, understandable experience.
  • Built-in sharing supports popular photo communities and social networks.
  • RAW, JPG, TIFF and other popular files support for the greatest flexibility.
  • Workflow tailored to any style with support for using as a standalone app or as a plugin to popular host applications.
  • Polarizing Filter to enhance skies and areas with high-reflectivity.
  • Image Resize/Sharpen on export.

Open the following link into your browser and fill the simple form for Aurora HDR 2018 license key request and send it.


[Note: the images below belong to old promo which has been replaced with new promo]
Aurora HDR 2018 License Request Form

Within seconds you will get your license key for Aurora HDR 2018. You will also get the download link for Mac and Windows systems in the same email. Now download Aurora HDR 2018, install it and register it with the license key you got. That’s it.

Aurora HDR 2018 License Key eMail

Note: But if for some reasons you do not get the license key but get the email which is supposed to carry Aurora HDR 2018 license key. You worry not. Just reply the same email with a little message about missing license key of Aurora HDR 2018. Most probably, you will get the license key within 24 hours. You will get the Aurora HDR 2018 license key later or sooner.

[Timeline: First Plublished: Jan 14, 2019 11:46 pm | Updated: Jul 04, 2019 17:21 pm]

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