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You can protect your privacy, keep your personal photos secure to make sure they won’t get stolen. Find out how you can get free Secret Photo Pro for iPhone and iPad from Apple App Store.

Secret Photo PRO will protect your private photos from hackers, thieves and even nosey friends or family members. All photos are kept in secure storage on your device. Additionally, you can choose to sync them with a secure cloud environment to make sure they can be recovered if you lose your phone or if you want to transfer them to a new device. Simply select the photos and set a password and Secret Photo PRO will keep your photos hidden and safe no matter what!


  • user-friendly interface lets you quickly secure photos or entire albums
  • pin code lock
  • password encryption keeps your photos safe from hacking and theft
  • touch/face ID support

All photos and files stored in Secret Photo PRO are stored on your device. Install Secret Photo PRO now to be sure that no one aside from you can access them!

There is in-app-purchase but you do not need to have that if you do not use cloud for cross-device access.

‎Secret Photo PRO
‎Secret Photo PRO
Developer: Aexol
Price: $3.99+


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