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Free OkayFreedom VPN Premium 10 GB Monthly Data Plan For One Year


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You guys have seen I do not share VPN promos very frequently. The reason is simple. I am very protective for my privacy and I feel the same for others, especially you ComputeLogy readers. Any VPN offer only appears on ComputeLogy when I can trust that VPN provider myself and I can use it. You have seen on many reputed websites affiliated and selling lifetime shady VPNs for 5 to 10 USD. I wonder which company can afford to offer lifetime VPN on that price? OkayFreedom is not a shady VPN provider. It is a German brand by Steganos which is a well-reputed company. Germany also strict laws regarding user privacy protection as you may have read recently on different technology sites. Right now you can get OkayFreedom VPN free 10GB Monthly data plan valid for one year.

I encourage you to read OkayFreedom’s Privacy Policy on the link below:


Open the following link into your browser and just fill in your email and then press Send button.


Check your email, click on the link in the email to confirm your license request for OkayFreedom. A webpage will open confirming your request.

Now check your email again. You will see OkayFreedom license key and download link. Download, install and register OkayFreedom with the license key you have received already.

Enjoy your OkayFreedom VPN 10GB month plan valid for one year.

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