Free eBook Hacking for Dummies [6th Edition, PDF, Save $29.99]


Whenever we heard hacking, the first image comes to mind is a scary one: a person sitting in dark, playing with computer, intruding others privacy via internet, and has scary laugh. Well, some of it true like intruding privacy, but other parts may not be true. For some people hacking is fun but there are some who made it their business. You just keep them away from you, better for you. To do so, you need something.

In order to outsmart a would-be hacker, you need to get into the hacker’s mindset and with this book, thinking like a bad guy has never been easier. Get expert knowledge on penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, security best practices, and ethical hacking that is essential in order to stop a hacker in their tracks.

This no-nonsense book helps you learn how to recognize the vulnerabilities in your systems so you can safeguard them more diligently—with confidence and ease.

  • Get up to speed on Windows 10 hacks  
  • Learn about the latest mobile computing hacks
  • Get free testing tools   
  • Find out about new system updates and improvements

There’s no such thing as being too safe — and this resourceful guide helps ensure you’re protected.

You can download ebook Hacking for Dummies for free right now clicking on the link below. It is a time limited offer till October 15, 2019. You may need a free account there, do so


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