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Download Ashampoo Home Design 5 for Free License Key [Latest]


Over two years ago, I shared Ashampoo Home Design 3 Pro. During this period, there were a couple of times when Ashampoo Home Design was available as freebie but I got lazy and did not share it. Well, I am still lazy and what can we do. While, I am lazy, I got the time to share Ashampoo Home Design 5 promo.

Ashampoo Home Design 5 is a huge download. It is almost 1.1 GB installer.

Ashampoo Home Design 5 includes everything from doors, windows, balconies and carports to sanitary and electrical installations including photovoltaic elements. Missing an item? Simply import it. Furnish your house and turn your virtual model into a lifelike piece of architecture with one of the most comfortable home design software on the market!

The Ashampoo Home Design 5 for Free License Key grabbing process is not lengthy but activating is a bit headache. So, I will explain the whole process in a pictorial.

First go to the following web address and get your Ashampoo Home Design 5 License Key for free. You will need a free account on Ashampoo portal. You can create one if you do not have already. Remember, this is a time-limited offer.


The license key you got during the previous step can also be found in your profile on Ashampoo portal. So no worries of losing the key.

Now download Ashampoo Home Design 5 from the official webpage, install it. And do nothing more right now. Just download and install it.


After installation, when you run Ashampoo Home Design 5, you will be asked to activate it. You will see a window like shown below. Click on Activate.

Now, it will ask you to type your eMail address, the one you have used to register on Ashampoo portal. Type it in the box and press Next.

On the new window, you will need to type your password. Do it and press Activate.

Now you will see No License Key Found message. The Ashampoo Home Design 5 license key is in your Ashampoo portal. It is just not recognizing that. Now click on Activate with license key.

A new window will open. Type (or copy and paste is better) the license key in the textbox. Then press Activate Now button.

Again a new window will open. You will see the message Activation Successful.

WoW. You have just go yourself a free copy of Ashampoo Home Design 5. Enjoy it.

I wonder how it will work with IKEA products? Can we import IKEA catalog in it? IDK.


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