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What baby tracker is? We may have to put a tracker device on a crawler to keep record of that little devil. This tracker will help to know where the baby has been and where might be next tile. The app may help to find the lost baby. Well, none of the above can be done with this app. BabyBook Baby Tracker & Newborn Diary app is a totally different app. Below is the text taken from official description of the app from Google Play. I did a little changes to make it bit more understandable by an ordinary like me.

BabyBook Baby Tracker & Newborn Diary App is a great newborn tracking app which is an essential tool for new mothers and new fathers who want to monitor their baby newborn and improve parenthood. BabyBook is a smart infant journal app that allows you to track baby’s activities and to discover correlations between your actions and your child’s growth / health / mood. You can download BabyBook – Baby Tracker & Newborn Diary App for free from Google Play right now.

Keeping a daily journal (baby diary), you will be able to track breastfeeding, pumping, diapering, and every other aspect of your child’s life. It has been designed to help you manage tiredness, stress, and develop positive nursing habits: it’s a perfect parenting assistant always in your pocket. Are you striving for a perfect and easy-to-use new-born tracker or a child notes taker? With this child journal you can easily analyse and track behaviours to keep track of everything and also discover patterns. The best baby logbook among baby apps and newborn apps.

What can you track?
You can easily track any aspect of your baby’s life: the app is already set up with the major elements that you need to record: bottle-feeding (milk / formula), breast-feeding (left / right), pumping, solid meals, bath time, diapers (pampers) change, pee, poo, medications, fever, vaccination, height, weight, head circumference, crawling, crying, night awakenings, outdoor time, tummy time, playing time, sleeping. You will also find a parents section, where you can track your happiness, stress, and any aspect of the relationship with your partner. If this is not enough, you can add infinite custom events that you want to log, related to your infant, or to the parenthood.


  • Calendar event tracker: Track nursing activities, record medical symptoms, log your infant sprout, check daily routines, track moods and keep a daily diary of your baby all in one place.
  • Statistics: monitor symptoms frequency, and take care of your little son: is he or she feeling sick very often? How long since last breastfeeding? Is your child sprout on track? Are you developing good new mommy habits? Are you too stressed as new parents? Everything is under control.
  • Correlation analysis: discover what makes your baby cry that often, and how you can change habits to improve. Learn what makes he or she sleep better, and improve your infant sleeping quality.
  • Export data: export your child log / baby journal, save it or share it as a csv file.
  • Develop good habits: when you track activities and you discover that they help you and your son to feel better, go for it! Improve your feeding management, understand your son’s sleeping habits and live a better life as a mom / dad.
  • Attention: BabyBook is just one of the many baby apps on the store. It does not substitute doctor visits, and it does not provide a professional diagnosis for your baby’s symptoms. However, it can help you and your doctor to track activities and better understand your child.

Warning: I, Perti, strongly recommend you to read the privacy policy of BabyBook Baby Tracker & Newborn Diary carefully. You can find the link near bottom of the app webpage on Google Play.

The app mentioned on in this article is free at the time of writing. There may be price change or in-app-purchases when you visit Google Play.

BabyBook: Newborn Diary
BabyBook: Newborn Diary
Developer: Cosmic Pie Design
Price: $2.99


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