23 IT eBooks Free @Amazon (Programming Books)


Books Banner Post Title 23 IT eBooks Free at Amazon (Programming Books)

AI technology of today is so advanced that a human behavior can be predicted by using it. Prediction of human behavior depends upon experiences and learning, which a human do. Behavior is an out come of the implementation of a complex algorithm which is the result of social, cultural, and environmental effects. Now, if AI can do this, think how much they are closer to being human. And how far a programming practice is from AI? It is already happening, but that does not eliminate the need of programmer. It is because not every organization can have access to AI. This opens a window for programmers to be in jobs. Here, in this article, you can see 23 IT eBooks which are free at Amazon for time being.

In the list you will find a few very good books as well some not so good books. I am putting all of them here because, I am sure, you will find something valuable in them.

So, here is the list of 23 free IT eBooks. Clicking on the name of the eBook to go to respective webpage to download it. You will need Kindle app which is free @GooglePlay and @AppStore. If you have Amazon tabs, it already has Kindle app.


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