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World’s First Foldable Smartphone Flexpai is Ready for Sale


Rohole Flexpai Foldable Phone

We have been waiting since a decade for Samsung to unveil the foldable smartphone but it is nowhere to be seen. Only a few news from Samsung that they will show it off sometime this year. Meanwhile, one other company, Royole, has put a foldable smartphone on sale. The phone is called Flexpai.

Flexpai is a beautiful foldable smartphone. It can be folded like a wallet. When folded, the screen remains outside. This means, only one direction it can be folded. When folded, the screen can be divided into two different screens, each screen will have its own contents. For example, you run app on one part of screen and video on the other part.

Looking at pictures, Flexpai got a huge bezel. The camera holding bezel is really huge. Talking about camera, there are two cameras. One is for wide-angle camera which is 16MP and other is telephoto camera which is 20MP. I hope it is white washing people faces like iPhone camera does and will show the real image.

Flexpai is using latest Snapdragon SoC of series 8. It has 8GB of RAM, and 128 or 256GB of storage. It runs latest customized Android 9 (Pie). The customized version is called Water OS.

The battery in Flexpai is 6000 mAh and it is huge. Well, the size of the phone is also huge. It got 7.8-inches of screen which can be adjusted to 4:3, 16:9 and 18:9 aspect ratios. The aspect ration depends upon if you are using the Flexpai folded or not. The screen can be bent over 200000 times. This screen bent limit is not enough. Also, will the screen show wear and tear with time or will just break suddenly? I do not know.

Definitely, I am not in to buy Flexpai. I will wait for Samsung to unveil its foldable smartphone. I am sure they will come out with something better. I would love to have that one phone which can be rolled into a pipe like cover and can be pulled out from one side. I am definitely in for that Samsung foldable phone.

You can check Royole Flexpai here:



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