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Photo Editor by Aviary Discontinued for Android and iPhone


Aviary RIP

There were times when Aviary was rated very high among photographers who used their mobilephones to do photography. It was one of the best of its kind and rated very high. It was no good that even a photography-allergic like me could do marvellous photos. Once, everything went free in Aviary in-app-purchases and I announced instantly. And then Adobe happened to Aviary Photo Editor. And you know what happens when Adobe happens.

Adobe has pulled the plug of Photo Editor by Aviary since December 10, 2018. “@From December 10, 2018 onwards, Photo Editor by Aviary will no longer be available for download on the Google Play Store and App Store”.

Existing users, who already have it on their devices worry not about the removal of Aviary. The only thing is they will not get any updates or technical support but can keep the app. “If you are an existing Aviary user, you can continue to use and enjoy the application. You will, however, not receive any further app updates or technical support”.

In the press release, Adobe is promoting two other apps, one is Spark Post and other is Photoshop Express. Both apps are totally free without any in-app-purchases. You can find them in Google Play and Apple App Store.


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