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Mac Uninstaller App Omni Remover Free License Key for Limited Time [Save $19.99]


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I did not know that there are leftover remain in Mac after any app is uninstalled. I am not a good Mac user because I have not used it properly, because I do not have any. :). I was talking about app’s leftover after uninstall from Mac system. I was under the impression that apps installed in a Mac are run in a virtual environment means they do not modify the operating system like happens in Windows. So, when app is uninstalled, it leaves no debris behind. I must be really dumb if I am wrong. You are not. Get Mac Uninstaller App Omni Remover Free License Key for Limited Time [Save $19.99] for Thanksgiving season and save $19.99.

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To have clean and complete uninstallation on macOS isn’t as easy as you thought since many app residual junk would be left behind. Now with Omni Remover, you simply need to tap a finger click, and it’ll find caches, cookies, leftover and 11 types of app junk. With one more click, you can clean them up so as to reclaim a large amount of free storage.

  • App Cached Files
  • App Saved Status
  • App Support Files
  • Preference Settings
  • App Log-in Items
  • App Dock Status
  • To uninstall Mac apps is simple since most apps are self-contained that don’t mess with the rest of your system. But it’s another story if you’ve ‘stubborn’ apps like MacKeeper, Kaspersky or alike. Probably you’ll find them again in future even you think you’ve sent them away. Omni Remover would be your best helper for its simple operation and intelligent feature set.

Well guys, there is lots of info on Omni Remover page. You can access the promo on the following page. BTW, the license key is 3QHY-A3OK-KGHJ-YQYY-KWBL for everyone.


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