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Giveaway: Hard Disk Sentinel Pro Lifetime Licenses


hard disk sentinel pro main interface window show SSD

[Update: I will announce  Hard Disk Sentinel winners in a few days. I am bit busy. Thanks] Most of you Pertians already know about Hard Disk Sentinel. It is possible that some of you do not know much about Hard Disk Sentinel. So, let me tell you in simple words what is this Hard Disk Sentinel. I will also give a real life example about it.

Hard Disk Sentinel monitors hard disk in the computer as well as the external hard disks. It checks hard disk health, performance, power on time, remaining lifetime, how much data written and retrieved, bad sectors, and more. A status icon for each hard disk is shown in the taskbar as long as the Hard Disk Sentinel is running. You have the eye on hard disk status all the time. Now, let me explain it with real life example happened to me.

I have this Lenovo ThinkPad E530. More than a couple of years ago the hard disk came installed in it failed. I replaced the failed hard disk with a new SSD. I might have lost the data but Hard Disk Sentinel helped me to save my a$$. So, how did Hard Disk Sentinel saved me?

The pre-installed hard disk in Lenovo ThinkPad E530 was malfunctioning since day one. I got it replaced twice but for some reason it just did not work well. I had very precious data which I had to transfer between drives. It was just waste of time. Meanwhile, the warranty was over, so I could not get pre-installed hard disk replaced anymore. Yes! I do manual backups to external drives and sometime to cloud. But failing equipments in the middle of task is the worst punch can happens to anyone. So, I was looking for something to keep me informed about the malfunctioning hard disk status. While googling, I got my hands on Hard Disk Sentinel Pro license. I installed it and it started monitoring the internal as well as external hard disks. No! it does not monitor your cloud storage. Why it should be? 

I kept my eyes on Hard Disk Sentinel reports about the malfunctioning internal hard disk. I started noticing that the hard disk temperature is rising very high over 65°C. I bought external cooling fan pad but it did not help. I just knew something gonna happen on the wrong side. I bought a new SSD and attached as external drive. Transferred all the data to it and then installed it in my Lenovo ThinkPad E530. I moved the old hard disk to my desktop as an extra storage. There the old hard disk worked for a few weeks, might be a bit more that a couple of months. And then one day it just stopped working.

Hard Disk Sentinel just saved my precious data. You might be wondering what was the precious data. No, it was not related to my profession. No, it was not photos of family. It was photos of my beloved baby cat. He was the love of our family. Yes, I am a cat person and I love animals. Let’s stick to the point. So, if I hadn’t installed Hard Disk Sentinel, it was quite possible I had lost my data to irrecoverable state. Or the recovery of that data might have been very costly.

Look at the image below. This is one of my external hard disk status in Hard Disk Sentinel Pro. I took this image while writing this post. I have a clear warning to get this external hard disk replaced asap. Even I can see the remaining life of this hard disk. Hard Disk Sentinel is lot more than what I have written about it here. If you want to read about it more, click on the button below.

hard disk sentinel pro main interface window with malfunction hard disk

I reached out to Hard Disk Sentinel team for the giveaway. Jonas [developer] was very helpful and he offered the lifetime licenses for HDS. I am really thankful to him for this great offer. Right now I have only 20 licenses of Hard Disk Sentinel Pro. But all the licenses have lifetime updates and upgrades. This means, you will get all the future releases of Hard Disk Sentinel Pro. I can have more if you show your interest.

This time, I have changed the participation rules. The email subscribers will have double chance to win. Let me explain it.

Comment on this post Giveaway: Hard Disk Sentinel Pro Lifetime Licenses and you get one chance in the randomization. You subscribe via email, you get double chance in the randomization. There are 10 licenses for commenters, and 10 license for email subscribers. Again, e-Mail subscribers will also be added in randomization in commenters randomization. I will use random.org to have the winners. 

Two email subscribers jesu.sj and tintenfleck747 will get their licenses after the Hard Disk Sentinel Pro Lifetime Licenses giveaway is over. I hand picked them. I do not know them at all. And it will not effect on the giveaway at all.

So, you can comment or subscribe via email or comment and subscribe via email. Whatever, you like you do. Forgot to mention that the Giveaway: Hard Disk Sentinel Pro Lifetime Licenses will be over on Jan Feb 8, 2018 at 22:00GMT.

[UPDATE 1] Thanks to Trombitás Olivér and Jonas for the correction. I wrote January but that should be February. They let me knew the mistake I did. Thanks. 🙂 The mistake is corrected. [/UPDATE 1] [UPDATE 2] One participant can win maximum one license. [/UPDATE 2] [UPDATE 3] Participants emails will be shared with Had Disk Sentinel team. [/UPDATE 3]

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