FREE Tipard iPhone Data Recovery v8 License Key


Tipard iPhone Data Recovery Window

Tipard iPhone Data Recovery is a great iOS data recovery software for iPhone, iPad and iPod users. It helps you recover deleted iOS photos, messages, contacts, notes, and other data from your iOS devices.

  • Rescue deleted SMS / Contacts / Photos etc. from iPhone / iPad / iPod
  • Lost iPhone / iPad / iPod Win data from iTunes backups
  • Recover deleted data from the iCloud
  • Supports all iOS devices, such as iPhone 6/6 Plus / 5s, iPad Air / Mini 2, iPod Touch 5
  • Compatible with iOS 8/7/6

Now the above was a little detail of Tipad iPhone Data Recovery. The problem is here. There are two versions, one is English which is totally free. The other is in German which is in this promo. I do not know what is difference between both versions. But I can tell you how to change Tipard iPhone Data Recovery language from German to English. I also could not find how I can register Tipard iPhone Data Recovery English version because it is already free. But German version asks you to register it. So, you can try first the free Tipard iPhone Data Recovery in English if you want. BTW, after conversion from German to English, it also asks you to register which original English version does not ask.

Let’s get free Tipard iPhone Data Recovery v8 license key first. Open the following link into your browser and fill the form as shown in the picture.

Tipard iPhone Data Recovery License Request Form

Check your email and click on the link to confirm your license request for Tipard iPhone Data Recovery v8.x. Just click one link only.

Tipard iPhone Data Recovery License Request Confirmation email

Now check again email, you will have Tipard iPhone Data Recovery license key with download link. Top arrow is pointing to the Tipard iPhone Data Recovery license key. Second arrow is pointing to the Tipard iPhone Data Recovery download link. Click on it will start download.

Tipard iPhone Data Recovery License email

The download link is for German interface. But you can change that to English by deleting one file after installation of Tipard iPhone Data Recovery v8. I will tell soon how. But for installation, I am not going to show the whole process. You only need to know 3 buttons. I have given below the buttons images.

Once you start installing Tipard iPhone Data Recovery v8 in German, keep clicking on the button texted Weiter.

Software Installation Continue Button in German Language

On 2nd last screen of installation of Tipard iPhone Data Recovery, you will see a button texted Installieren. Click on it.

At the last window of installation of Tipard iPhone Data Recovery v8, you will see a window asking you to run Tipard iPhone Data Recovery. You can either run it or do not. To run, follow the image below. To not run, uncheck the checkbox which I have encircled. In both cases, you need to press button texted Fertigstellen. Just do not run Tipard iPhone Data Recovery right now.

Tipard iPhone Data Recovery Installation Window Final

Now to convert Tipard iPhone Data Recovery from German to English, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Tipard Studio\Tipard iPhone Data Recovery\language and delete the file de.rcc. Your copy of Tipard iPhone Data Recovery is in English now.

Run Tipard iPhone Data Recovery and it will ask you to register. Use the email and license from that email and register it. The current version is 8.0.66.

Also to be noted, reviews on Tipard iPhone Data Recovery looks very much fake. So do not be trapped in those comments shadow.


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