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FREE Steganos Online Shield VPN One Year License Key (60GB Total)


Steganos Online Shield VPN banner

60GB for a year or 5GB per month is so small VPN data that I was almost going to skip it. But then I thought may be someone needs this urgently. So, here is this promo of Steganos Online Shield VPN which is free up to 60GB encrypted data for one year. The maximum data allowance for a month is 5GB. The license is valid for maximum 3 devices. There are free alternatives like VPNBook with unlimited data.

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So what does Steganos Online Shield VPN offers you in 60GB per year? You can use it on most of your devices using Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. You are using WiFi or cellular network, the whole data will be encrypted between your devices and the nod your are connected to via Steganos servers. 

  • BROWSING ANONYMOUSLY: mySteganos Online Shield VPN builds a so-called virtual private network (VPN) that encrypts all your data traffic. Your real IP address will be exchanged for a random IP address from the huge Steganos pool. So your original IP address and digital identity is fully protected and untraceable.
  • FREE FROM REGIONAL CONTENT BLOCKS: Choose your IP location from the large Steganos pool. Use high-speed servers at more locations worldwide to bypass geo blocks and censorship.
  • SAFE FROM HACKERS: Whether passwords, e-mails, photos, payment or bank data – mySteganos Online Shield VPN protects your private and business data from hackers and observation. Even outside your own four walls, for example at the airport, in a café or hotel – with mySteganos Online Shield VPN you can even use public WiFi hotspots securely, protected and anonymously.
  • USE WORLDWIDE: With mySteganos Online Shield VPN you can surf securely around the world with your smartphone or tablet in any WiFi or LAN network. The app also protects you in mobile networks (3G, LTE/4G, EDGE and GPRS).
  • NO SPEED LIMIT: You always browse via the secure, high-speed Steganos servers built around the world. There is no throttling of the surfing speed. Experience the internet everywhere you want it.

Click on the button below, fill your email address and press button texted Seriennummer anfordern.


Steganos Online Shield VPN license request form

Now check your email, click on the link in the email.

Steganos Online Shield VPN license request form

Instantly, you will get a new email from Steganos carrying your license for Steganos Online Shield VPN and download link.

Steganos Online Shield VPN license email

Download Steganos Online Shield VPN (I did from official website), install it and register it with the license you have already received into your email.

Steganos Online Shield VPN Software Window


Remember! Steganos is logging your IP if you request the license key for Online Shield VPN. If your IP address has already been used for this process, you will see a message like shown below.

Steganos Online Shield VPN IP Warning


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