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Free Dr.Web Security Space License Key for 6 Months [Android, Windows]


Dr.Web Security Space

For some reasons, Dr.Web security products are not shared regularly like other security tools. I do not know the reason. May be I ignore it, or may be no one talks about it, or may be it is a long time since I have used it. Whatever the reason is, I am sure that reason has no merits. Dr.Web security tools are good enough to protect your PC and smartphone. If you are interested, you can get free Dr.Web Security Space license key valid for 6 months. You can use it on 1 PC and 1 Android device.

I was visiting Dr.Web website to see what product is this Dr.Web Security Space. There are two different products with the same name. One costs €28 and other costs €44.80. When tried to check the specs, I could not find properly distinguished facts. I guess, I have to install Dr.Web Security Space to know which product it is. But, sorry, not gonna install it right now. I do not have have time. BTW, below are the specs given on its website for Windows. To see Android protection spec sheet, you may head to Google Play.

  • Dr.Web Security Space Blocks viruses and malware from accessing the protected system and will cure the malignant programs that have already penetrated it.
  • Dr.Web Security Space Scans web pages in real time and blocks access to dangerous sites, such as those used for phishing attacks.
  • Dr.Web Security Space Detects spam and other unsolicited messages in any language, with next to zero false positives.
  • Dr.Web Security Space Blocks access to websites by URL keywords and protects children from exposure to objectionable web content. The “restrict access” feature protects information located on removable data-storage devices and in files and directories from unauthorised access, theft, and deletion.
  • An impenetrable barrier to hackers attempting to break into your system.
  • Dr.Web Security Space Protects against malicious objects that take advantage of software flaws in popular applications.
  • Trojan-encoder protection based on behavioural rules for programs of this kind.
  • Dr.Web Security Space Continuously protects files in user-selected folders from unauthorised tampering or deletion (disabled by default).
  • Dr.Web Security Space Blocks a device’s camera and microphone to prevent unauthorised audio and video recordings.
  • Dr.Web Security Space Blocks access to removable media: flash drives and any other USB device, including webcams, cameras and portable media players.
  • Checks URLs on Doctor Web’s server in real time.

Open the following webpage into your browser, select any radio-button below green bags, which I have highlighted for your understanding, and click on button as shown in the image below.

Dr.Web Security Space License Request Form

Soon you will get email. Click on the link to confirm your request for Dr.Web Security Space license key.


Dr.Web Security Space License Request Confirmation eMail

Either you create a new account or login to already created account to see your key. I suppose, you already have account on Dr.Web. You will see something like shown below. Click on the green button which will look like shown below. The webpage will refresh and you will see your Dr.Web Security Space license key for 6 months valid. [Update: In case, if you have to create the account, you will need to come back to this email and click on the link again to get your Dr.Web Security Space license key.]

Dr.Web Security Space License Request Process 2
Dr.Web Security Space License key code serial

I think you will need to activate the key on Dr.Web website. I do not know if the license key works on English version or not. Use Google Chrome to get all Russian webpages to English.


UPDATE: Dr.Web Security Space promo was running since very long time but it seems they have pulled the plug for unknown reasons. But there is still 90 days free license key available for Dr.Web Security Space on the following link.

Dr.Web Security Space License 3 months trial banner


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