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Avira Password Manager Pro – One Year FREE


Avira Password Manager Pro


[First Published: Dec 5, 2018 @ 02:10. Updated: Dec 21, 2018 @0120] Avira might be the best security tools provider but there is one nasty thing they also put in your computer called Avira Control or something bla bla. This control center is totally useless doing nothing but taking RAM and hard disk space. Let’s suppose I have only Avira Antivirus installed, the control center will show almost all apps made by Avira and this control center is running all the time. If you want to uninstll it, you will have to uninstall all Avira product/s. Well, I have gotten rid off Avira longtime ago in the early days of blotware installation. But right now if you like, you can have Avira Password Manager Pro one year free subscription.


  • Create unhackable passwords: Generates strong, unique passwords for you.
  • Create password tags: Keeps passwords organized with tags and reduces the overview of your passwords and notes.
  • Remember only 1 password: Lets you access all your passwords via 1 master password, which is all you need to remember.
  • Safely store your passwords and notes: Securely stores your passwords and notes with military-grade encryption (AES-256) and in line with German data protection standards.
  • Log in easily and automatically: Automatically fills in your details when you log in to your online accounts.
  • Access passwords on all devices: Works across multiple devices and operating systems.
  • Change weak or reused passwords: Security Status analyzes your existing passwords and notifies you of weak or duplicate ones.
  • Find out if an account has been hacked: Sends notifications if your data has been breached.
  • Avoid dangerous websites: Checks the security status of websites you’re registered on and notifies you if they’re unsafe.


Open the link below in your browser, fill your email and press green button-




Avira Password Manager Pro License Request Form

Now check your email, download Avira Password Manager Pro from the link given in the email. Install it and login / register to use it for one year.


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