You Borrow Stuff? Lendromat Keeps the Track and Reminds You to Return That


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People are in habit of borrowing things and then forgetting to return those things. If asked, they say,”sorry, I forgot. I will return you tomorrow”. That tomorrow never comes. I do not hate those people, I just do not like them.

I have one rule that only give your stuff to those who are always good to you. BTW, if you are in habit of borrowing stuff from others and always forget to return that on time, Lendromat might be the solution for your bad habit.

Lendromat is your little helper to keep track of borrowed things. Books, DVDs, games, gadgets or money – just add it to your list and be sure to never forget about them again. Get organized easily, share and enjoy!


  • Keep track of your and your friends’ items
  • Displays when items are due
  • Remind your friends to return items via SMS or Email with templates
  • Stores a history of items which makes it easy to borrow and lend again
  • Use your iPhone camera to take pictures of the items, or choose pictures from your iPhone/iPod’s library.
  • Send new library entries via email to your friend’s Lendromat
  • Export and import your library as XML. View exports as a webpage in your favorite browser.

Important: All the freebies mentioned here are free at the time of publishing this article. It may, you see some price tag instead of “Free” when visiting the store which means the product is no longer available as “Free”. Not being free and you buy or download it, you may be charged with the price of the product. Please, also be aware that some apps may have in-app-purchases options.

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