Norman Security Suite 11 FREE One Year License Key Code Serial


Norman Security Suite 11 Interface Window[Update] As of today Feb 08, 2018: this promo is still working. [/Update] You may already know that Norman Securities has merged with AVG and are part of AVG empire. So, Norman’s security products are not available separately to the end customers. I am sure, soon it will be totally discontinued and disappear from market. But, worry not. You can get Norman Security Suite 11 free one year license key code right now. It is time limited offer. You need to credit card, bank account or any other info involving money.

Norman Security Suite 11 offers stops viruses, spyware and other malware, blocks unsafe links & attachments in email & instant messaging, blocks spam, scams and phishing emails, keeps hackers away with an Enhanced Firewall, securely deletes confidential files and documents.

All whatever Norman Security Suite does, can be easily done by freeware security suites like Avira, Avast, AVG, Comodo,CCleaner, etc. So, is there anything compelling me to use Norman is nothing but license verification, so that I can tell you guys that it’s working license.

Before, I could look at its interface window, it kept asking me to restart my laptop. I had to restart more than couple of times just to watch its interface. This was the bug number 1. It also kept telling me that my virus signature database is 5 days old even after 3 times updates. This was the 2nd bug I faced. That was enough. I just went ahead and uninstall Norman Security Suite 11 from my laptop. Well, in any case, that was going to happen.

Warning: You are needed to subscribe to a newsletter to get Norman Security Suite 11 free license. You can use some disposable email for this purpose. Once you have the license, you will need email no more. Use disposable email.

Click on go-to-website-107 x 18-computelogy-com to go to Norman Security Suite 11 promo page. Fill the form as shown in the image below. Remember to check the radiobutton which I have highlighted. Also, solve the math question. Finally, press the orange button texted Absenden.

Norman Security Suite 11 Promo License Request Form

You will get an email from softwarebilliger. Click on the link in the email. A webpage will open telling you your license request for Norman Security Suite 11 confirmation.

Norman Security Suite 11 Promo License Request Confirmation Email 1

You will get a new email within 5 seconds once you click the link in previous email. You, again, need to click on the link in the email. A new webpage will open.

Norman Security Suite 11 Promo License Request Confirmation Email 2

You can see your license key on the newly opened webpage.

Norman Security Suite 11 Promo License WebPage

Download Norman Security Suite 11 from HERE (x86, x64, available in 15 languages). You will need to move to bottom of the webpage to download the installer for Norman.

Install Norman Security Suite 11 and use the license to register it.After registration, you can see one year subscription activated for you.


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