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Get FREE Process Lasso Pro License Key Code Serial [Latest]


bitsum Process Lasso Pro main window computelogy-com

Process Lasso offers state of the art real-time PC optimization and automation. We do so through intelligent real-time algorithms we’ve pioneered, and also by user-created rules.

  • Keep Windows PCs responsive during high CPU loads with ProBalance
  • Optimize and automate process CPU affinities
  • Optimize and automate process CPU priority classes
  • Optimize and automate process I/O priority classes
  • Optimize and automate other process settings
  • Limit hyper-threaded core use
  • Disallow processes from running
  • Limit number of instances of a process (even per-user)
  • Log and audit process activity
  • Auto-restart processes
  • Broad CPU compatibility (SMP, NUMA)
  • Monitor PC Responsiveness /w our proprietary algorithm
  • Light-weight native C++ code with negligible resource use
  • Efficient stand-alone core engine that can run as a service
  • Separate Graphical User Interface goes into sleep mode when minimized, or can be closed completely
  • Does NOT inject hooks anywhere outside itself or change persistent system settings
  • INI configuration for easy on-demand changes
  • Select multiple processes to act on at once
  • Unattended install and headless operation
  • Extensive Documentation
  • Quick Start Guide for Audiophile Servers
  • Compatible with all Windows Server variants!

Click on go-to-website-107 x 18-computelogy-com to open Process Lasso Pro promo page [The promo is over. You can download Process Lasso free from HERE.] There click on red button texted Download.


computerbild download button computelogy-com

The webpage will refresh. Now again click on the button Download Starten. Your download will start within a few seconds.

computerbild download button again computelogy-com

Download the installer and run it and install Process Lasso Pro. You can update it to latest version.


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