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FREE CyberLink PhotoDirector 7 Ultra License Serial & Installer Download [Mac]


cyberlink photodirector ultra box computelogy-com

[Promo still valid. Republished: September 9, 2017. First Published: June 18, 2017] [Click here to get CyberLink PhotoDirector 7 Ultra for Windows] There’s a reason why PhotoDirector was voted the best photo editor of the year…CREATIVITY. When it comes to making unforgettable photos that stand apart from the others, nothing beats PhotoDirector. Discover how millions of PhotoDirector fans are turning the ordinary into extraordinary!

[New Post: CyberLink PhotoDirector 9 Deluxe FREE License Key & Download Full Version]
  • Layer Editing
  • Layer Based Editing
  • Express Layer Templates
  • Advanced Editing
  • Video-to-Photo
  • Create Multi Exposure Images
  • Content-Aware Removal
  • 2D Panorama
  • Overlays
  • Color Splash
  • Bracketed HDR
  • Face Swap
  • Grain Effect
  • Blur Tools
  • Motion Blur
  • One-click Photo Presets
  • Background Removal & Photo Composer
  • Face & Body Beautification
  • Skin Smoothener
  • Toothbrush
  • Eye Blinger
  • Wrinkle Removal
  • Skin Tone Adjustment
  • Face Shaper
  • Eye Bag Removal
  • Shine Removal
  • Eye Enlarger
  • Body Shaper
  • Global Adjustment Tools
  • White Balance
  • Tone
  • HDR Effects
  • RGB Channel Adjustments
  • Color Adjustment (HSL)
  • Split Toning
  • Sharpness
  • Noise Reduction
  • Auto Lens Correction
  • Extensive Adjustment Presets
  • DirectorZone.com Presets
  • Regional Adjustment Tools
  • Crop & Rotate
  • Spot Removal
  • Red Eye Removal
  • Adjustment Brush
  • Adjustment Selection Tool
  • Gradient Mask
  • Radial Filter
  • Personalized Publishing
  • Advanced Print Presets
  • Comprehensive Frame and Watermark Tools
  • Video Slideshows with Effects and Background Music
  • Color Space – Export to sRGB, Adobe RGB & ProPhoto RGB
  • Efficient & Intuitive Workflow
  • 64-bit OS Support with OpenCL Technoglogy
  • Editable EXIF timestamp
  • Face Recognition Technology
  • Manage Photos with Photo Stack
  • RAW Format Support
  • High DPI Support
  • Rich 16-bit Image Support
  • Hierarchical Tag System Support NEW
  • Add Color tags, Star Rating, Flags and Copyrights
  • Multiple Modes to Compare Images
  • Dual Monitor Support

Click on go-to-website-107 x 18-computelogy-com to go to CyberLink PhotoDirector 7 Ultra promo webpage. Fill the form with your name, email and promo code macwelt17 as shown below and send it by click on button Bestätigen.

PhotoDirector 7 Ultra license request form computelogy-com

On the next webpage, you will see download link for CyberLink PhotoDirector 7 Ultra Mac version and your license. Download, install and enjoy it. Here is the license: ULBA9-FUFUN-U585S-ZAR4T-DVPA9-8X54E

PhotoDirector 7 Ultra license webpage computelogy-com

[via macwelt]

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