Get Free Complete Guide for Samsung Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S8+: Learn Your Galaxy


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Most of you have already placed order either for Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+. Some of you might have stopped because of what Galaxy Note 7 did. And in a few parts of the world, Samsung Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S8+ are already been delivered. But did you try to read the documentation came with it?

We are in such bad habit showing off our new toys. Get the new phone, never try to read a few words about its functions but just put the battery, turn it on and start using it. We only think to read something about the phone when there is some problem. Well, that problem could be prevented if some knowledge beforehand is prepared.

Here is a little but free guide for your Samsung Galaxy S8 & Samsung Galaxy S8+ smartphones. Normally it costs USD3. It seems like the guide was written before the actual release of Samsung Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S8+. There might be some mistakes but do not seems bigger ones or misleading ones.

You will be needing Amazon Kindle. If you do not have Kindle, you can install Kindle app from Google Play, Apple App Store or from Amazon for your PC. For Linux you can use Kindle Cloud.

The guide for Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ is divided into five chapters:

  • Chapter 1 – Samsung Galaxy S series
  • Chapter 2 – Samsung galaxy S8 and its specifications
  • Chapter 3 – Useful tips to master Samsung galaxy S8 edge
  • Chapter 4 – Ways to master you Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Chapter 5 – Important tips and Tricks for every Samsung S8 and Edge User.

Important: All the freebies mentioned here are free at the time of publishing this article. It may, you see some price tag instead of “Free” when visiting the store which means the product is no longer available as “Free”. Not being free and you buy or download it, you may be charged with the price of the product. Please, also be aware that some apps may have in-app-purchases options.

Click on the following big fat button to download Free Complete Guide for Samsung Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S8+ to learn your Galaxy

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