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FREE Fullversion Ashampoo Snap Business 9 License Key Code



[Update: Click here to get Ashampoo Snap Business 10 for FREE Latest. /Update] Ashampoo® Snap Business is tailored to fit seamlessly into your business environment. We add your design, logo and watermark + copyright notice to protect your corporate identity and intellectual property. For tighter network integration, we will also add the ability to upload screenshots and videos to a predefined network address, if desired.

Ashampoo Snap Business has all the tools you know and love and improves them. Apply gradients to almost any object, use the new outline style for visual accents, work with curved lines and arrows or 1-click clone objects for simple reuse. Not sure which application window you will later need? Simply use the new “Capture all visible desktop windows as objects” and capture all of them at once. The windows will then be captured into a single project but remain movable and resizable right from within Snap.

Before proceeding for the promo of Ashampoo Snap Business, you must have a free account on Ashampoo portal. To create your free account on Ashampoo, click on go-to-website-107 x 18-computelogy-com. Now I suppose you have already created account and you are logged in.

To open Ashampoo Snap Business promo page, click on go-to-website-107 x 18-computelogy-com or go-to-website-107 x 18-computelogy-com. Type your email down in the text box and press the blue button as shown in the photo below.


The promo page will refresh and you will see your license there. You can also find your license in your account at Ashampoo as well as you will also get email from Ashampoo containing your license code for Ashampoo Snap Business 9.


If you are asked to confirm your license request for Ashampoo Snap Business 9 via email, the email will look like shown below.


Email containing your license key for Ashampoo Snap Business 9 will look like this.


You can download Ashampoo Snap Business 9 by CLICK HERE. Install it and register it with the license you have received. You can read more here.

No, there is no thanks to anyone as this is my own half an hour struggle just for you. In fact, I have found 2 more promo links but I think the 2 already shared are enough.


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