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It’s about Left in-Car Distractibility and Forgotten Baby Syndrome [FBS]. BimBa is a Smart Lifesaver App, uses Bluetooth signal to alert you when you get into the car and combined with GPS parameters after exiting the car, that perhaps your precious of all, child or pet is inadvertently left or unintentionally forgotten behind. BimBa detects automatically, turning on and connecting or turning off and disconnecting between the Car’s Bluetooth device and your paired mobile smartphone.

Here are the main BimBa’s advantages:

  • Full Privacy! – BimBa does not collect and does not trade with any data or any personal information.
  • BimBa has six statuses, structured to operate in the background, activating warnings only when needed and planned to be on an “always on” state.
  • “Re-Entry” option – Confirming or Canceling the presence of an infant inside the car, can be Reversed by the user’s choice in Fully Active mode.
  • The hot and dangerous summer season ended? No need to remove the App!
    BimBa can manually turn off and disabled until it manually turned on again. In addition, it can be set for an immediate break or scheduled for a future deactivation period and, it will resume automatically at any convenient time you choose.
    During a “Break/Deactivation”, BimBa’s battery consumption is insignificant.
  • BimBa’s alerts overcomes on silent mode, darkened screen and the audio phone.
  • In a variety scenarios, BimBa knows to warn the user when the mobile’s Bluetooth a/o the GPS are disconnected. Warning sounds can be muted.
  • In Emergency state – BimBa will continue to view and sound the “Exiting the Car” alerts in sequential cycles, as well as sending an Active SMS to predefined contacts, until the event is treated!
  • BimBa runs on default settings. You can “Test” the Alerts, select and personalize them with your own images, text and sounds.
    Do not perform “Test” and define new image, text or sound while the App is between In-Car/Out-Car alerts!
  • Consider to predefine a well-functioning SMS-Mobile-Number of an Active Rescue Services, as a contact for BimBa’s Emergency SMS Alert! Doing so is at your own responsibility.

How BimBa works and can save the lives of Left or Forgotten Baby in hot Car within the first minute? Check out and find all about it, in the last App-Dated Edition of “BimBa Full Description” at:

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