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WordPress is the biggest platform for blogging being used. Well, not only blogging but in eCommerce it has also stepped in. There are all types of website being developed and implemented. On the other hand, learning WordPress is not that difficult.

The internet is full of resources to learn WordPress from beginner level to expert. These resources includes articles, papers, books, audios, videos and many other forms. The book WordPress 4.x Complete is one good resource to learn WordPress.

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Build a complete website with this WordPress tutorial, and learn how to develop your own original WordPress themes and customize new plugins and widgets.

  • Build a WordPress site quickly and effectively
  • Create impressive WordPress themes and plugins and get to know how it works
  • Expand the features of WordPress to create non-blogging websites and administer them

If you want a website at low cost, without the need to hire a team of developers and designers, then this book is for you. It will help you take your first steps into the world of website creation.

Learning Objective

  • Launch your website quickly with the help of a quick WordPress installation guide
  • Create content that is optimized for publishing on the Web
  • Create a quality website with a proper assembly of important subpages
  • Install and work with plugins and widgets
  • Install and create attractive themes for your website
  • Create custom menus to improve the user experience of your website
  • Upload multimedia content such as images, audio, and video easily and effectively
  • Build your first plugins and widgets to add features to your website
  • Expand the features of WordPress for creating non-blogging websites and administer them

With WordPress, anyone can build an optimized website with the least amount of effort possible and then make it available to the world in no time.

This book will serve as a practical guide for everyone who intends to become an online publisher, website owner, or even a website developer. Beginning with the basic features of WordPress, the book lays a solid foundation to deal with advanced and complex features. It then moves on to helping you choose and install various themes.

Gradually, with increasing complexity, the book goes into the development of your own themes, acting as a beginner’s guide to theme and plugin development.

Concluding the learning curve with miscellaneous tasks such as community blogging and administrating the established site, this book empowers you with the ability to maintain your site.

Click on the big button below to download your free book WordPress 4.x Complete. Remember, it is time limited offer.

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