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All About Dinosaur, where dinosaurs come alive in action for kids’ imagination and scientific curiosity. It’s alive! Stick dino stickers to watch them come to lives! Enjoy action stickers and get to know more about dinosaurs. From starter dino explorers to wannabe dino experts, everybody can enjoy “All About Dinosaurs”! Come see and enjoy “All About Dinosaurs”! Where did dinosaurs live from the Jurassic to the Cretaceous period? What did they eat? Let’s explore the world of the living dinosaurs with dynamic animations of fun stickers. It’s your own dinosaur book! From fierce T-rex to gentle Triceratops, it has them all!


-30 Dinosaurs to improve kids’ imagination and curiosity development
-Step-by-step activity to improve kids’ concentration
-Characters’ interactive animation to improve kids’ ability to understand and process more complexed information
-Motion graphics and animation to help kids understanding each dinosaurs’ size, habitat, foods, and etc.
-Kids’ proactive learning through sticker activities and animations


-30 Dinosaurs Stickers
-Fully audio experience
-Dynamic and unique animations for each dinosaur
-Kids’ unique dinosaur collection with a dinosaur encyclopedia
-Observation mode to help kids easily understand information about dinosaurs
-High definition mode to see dinosaurs bigger, closer, and better

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‎All About Dinosaurs
‎All About Dinosaurs
Developer: Y Factory
Price: $2.99


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