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Download Abelssoft GClean FREE Full Version License Serial


abelssoft GClean main window

Not just Google but almost every website collects data of its visitors. But there are some companies, like Google and Facebook, which does not need you to visit their website to collect data about you. They can just track you and collect information about you though you do not want. Abelssoft GClean is just to prevent Google invading your privacy.

  • Prevents Data Traffic: Turns off the data traffic features of various Google applications.
  • Deletes Traces: Deletes traces of Google applications on your computer.
  • Automatic Trace Watcher: Automatic check for application traces and automatic cleanup.
  • Plugs data leaks: Mostly, unwanted data traffic can’t be turned off manually. GClean stops Google’s unwelcome data usage.
  • Remove unwanted content from Google Search
  • Delete traces: Find and delete flash cookies, form data, surfing traces and data garbage of Google applications.
  • Protect your computer automatically: The G-Radar permanently looks out for Google traces and data garbage on your computer.

Click on go-to-website-107 x 18-computelogy-com to go to Abelssoft GClean promotional webpage. Click on the text as shown below in the image.

download from chip.de computelogy-com

On the next page, click on the blue button shown below. The webpage will refresh again. You will see a time countdown. When countdown is ended, your download will start atuomatically.

chip download button computelogy-com

OR, you can click on the button below to do direct download of Abelssoft GClean from promotional website.

start download button computelogy-com


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no mention of license, and another limitations like when you can install ( i want to do a reinstall of OS) and if you can reinstall.

Imran K

I suppose, if you have the installer, you can reinstall it on reinstalled OS. I cannot confirm it because to do this, I need to reinstall my OS. 🙂

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